Take to the Seas in Timeless Style - Aman Cruise

Picture yourself swimming through a rainbow-hued coral reef in the Raja Ampat Archipelago, watching an enormous Komodo dragon sleeping in the sunshine or gazing out at the sea while the sun sets over a volcanic island. This is no ordinary cruise, it is an Aman cruise.

Famed for the meticulous design and privacy of their exclusive resorts in the most revered natural and historical landscapes, Aman resorts has crafted a sailing package in Indonesia that stands out from the rest. The Aman cruise experience is like no other: truly excelling when it comes to the quality of the vessel and the spellbinding activities on offer.

The Amandria - a vessel like no other

The Amandira is not just a ship, it is a work of art. This two masted sailing ship was lovingly hand-crafted by the Konjo tribe (a sub-ethnic group of the Bugis-Makassar people) and it was officially launched in 2015. It is designed in the style of a traditional Phinisi vessel, evoking the romance of the ancient spice trade routes. This gorgeous, historically inspired ship has sailed far and wide around Indonesia, from the waters of Komodo National Park to the Raja Ampat Islands.

Although the Amandira was built using ancient techniques, it includes all of the modern comforts that a passenger could wish for, including stunning interior design and a powerful engine. This means that the ship’s engine can supplement the sails when the winds are calm. The Amandira is an ideal blend of old fashioned elegance with high-tech performance.

Available for exclusive charter, the Amandira can accommodate up to 10 guests, which means that you and your party can expect a laid back and intimate sailing experience. When you enter your state of the art room on-board, you will find yourself surrounded by the ultimate in luxury. The cabins are spacious and the king bed cabins are equipped with living areas that include a writing desk and sofa, as well as expansive bathrooms. There is no reason to sacrifice comfort and style, even in the most remote locations at sea.

Adventure of Relaxation - What's your speed?

Whether you seek a thrilling getaway or a relaxing retreat, the Amandira can cater for both. For the thrill seeker, you will be able to gain your PADI certification with a qualified instructor. Then, you can experience the thrill of immersing yourself below the surface of the warm, clear tropical waters and observing the dazzling array of marine life below.

The Aman diving team are true professionals and they cater to all levels of snorkelers and scuba divers, making sure that you have up close and personal encounters with parrot fish, moray eels, sea turtles, spotted rays and many other local species.

However, if you are looking for a quieter and more soothing getaway, you can simply sit on the deck of the boat and enjoy sipping cocktails as the sun dips over the horizon. The expansive foredeck offers amazing views and there is even an on-board masseur offering sublime massages.

Whether you prefer a vacation that is filled with exciting adventure and exploration or you are simply looking for an opportunity to relax and get away from it all, this cruise is an unforgettable seafaring experience.

Photos: courtesy of Aman

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