A Bali Escape

Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves, stepping out onto your hotel balcony into the warm breeze and gazing out at the shimmering Indian Ocean. This is everyday life at The Banyan Tree Bali.

Staying at the Banyan Tree is to become so relaxed you feel as if you have been put under a very special kind of spell. You’ll feel like your feet are floating across the pool deck, or that you are levitating in your lounge chair. The serene setting is dreamlike, surrounded as you are by minimalist Balinese villas reaching out to the blue horizon and an infinity pool that reflects the ever-changing colours of the sky.

It’s evident that a lot of thought and care has gone into crafting these elegant villas, in order to make them as sophisticated and luxurious as possible. The way that the Banyan Tree resort is laid out means that other villas are barely visible when you are relaxing in your accommodation, making you feel like you have this beautiful paradise all to yourself.

Prepare to find calm

As you walk into a Banyan Tree villa it’s hard not to breathe a sigh of calm. With views of the sea, a jet pool and an infinity pool and an airy, open plan design, it’s the ultimate place to relax. Each of the villas is slightly different, some having garden views and others being perched on a cliff edge overlooking the swirling ocean waters.

The little details within the villa make comfort inevitable, such as plush king size beds and a high tech BOSE sound system. Refreshments are at hand from the complimentary daily mini bar and the huge, spa-like marble bathroom is built for lingering.

Top notch amenitie

Invigorate yourself with a workout at the gym, complete with state of the art equipment and an aerobic room. Or, jump into the infinity pool and swim to the end, where it feels like the deep blues of the pool, the Indian Ocean and the cloudless sky merge into one. The fitness centre also offers yoga classes, to reduce stress, promote blood flow, stabilise the emotions and combat fatigue. Finding inner calm is a little easier in Bali.

This resort caters to couples with plenty of sophisticated and romantic experiences. Whether you are travelling for a honeymoon, anniversary or just because, the resort can arrange for private dining on a cliff under the night’s sky or a couple’s spa treatment. Imagine the surprise on your special someone’s face when you treat them to the Intimate Moments Bath Set Up, in which your bathroom is totally transformed with candles, aromatic oils, chilled wine and beautiful tropical floral arrangements. If your therapy comes in retail form, the resort also features the Banyan Tree Gallery, where you can find a collection of hand crafted works of art and other souvenirs.

An antidote to stress

The resort is dedicated to the local creed of Bali Dwipa Jaya, which translates as Glorious Bali Island. This translates into the relaxing, laidback atmosphere of the resort, typical of the Balinese way of life, and the way the staff are dedicated to creating the best possible environment for you to unwind during your stay. Find your bliss.

Photos: courtesy of Banyan Tree

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