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Street style photographer Rei Shito always offers a thought-provoking perspective on international fashion as she travels the world in search of stylish innovators. We find out where she is turning her lens this summer.

World-renowned street style photographer Rei Shito frequently tops fashion’s Most Influential lists as the barometer of Japanese street fashion. Sharing her work on her blog Style From Tokyo and in a book of the same name, she travels the globe capturing the avant-garde with her camera, advising brands and giving talks on the fashion industry from her own unique perspective. A former photographer at street- fashion magazine Fruits, Rei’s years of observation and her own sartorial experiments have taught her that it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it that defines true personal style. We sit down with Rei to talk about what’s on her fashion-forward horizon this summer.

What is the inspiration behind your summer wardrobe this year?

All of the people I captured at Paris Fashion Week and Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo A/W 2017. They always give me special style inspiration.

How would you define your personal style, and how do you stay true to it in the fast-changing seasons?

My style is 'Tokyo' style. It's a mixtured, layered, genderless style, I think. I've never cared too much about trends, I just choose what I want to wear.

Rei captures the sunset in Phuket, Thailand

Which new labels will be making an appearance in your summer wardrobe?

Doublet, Keisuke Yoshida, Yohei Ohno and Akiko Aoki. I saw their recent collections at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo and I’m currently obsessed with Doublet.

What is your go-to outfit for travelling?

I always choose denim on denim when I go to the airport. Jet stretch denim is so easy to wear and so comfortable.

What are the five items you always pack when you travel?

Fujifilm X-T2 to take pictures, of course; lots of books because I’m a bookworm and really like reading; Aveda Chakra Balancing Body Mist kit to relax and switch off my mind; a Rolex, which is like an amulet for me because I’ve had it since I was a high school student; and Astalift White Perfect UV Clear Solution SPF50, my favourite UV protector.

What’s on your travel to-do list this summer?

I think I'd like to go to Kanazawa and Kaga city in the Ishikawa Prefecture. It's famous for yummy food (especially the fresh sashimi), high quality traditional culture (including lacquerware and Kutani ware, a style of Japanese porcelain), Kanazawa Castle Park and beautiful Kenrokuen Garden (one of the three greatest gardens in Japan) and onsen (hot springs). I want to enjoy all of them!

Where do you find yourself returning to often?

Phuket! There are some beautiful and stylish hotels, the people are so kind and the local food is delicious. The weather is always hot (I like hot weather more than cold) and I can always relax whenever I go there.

What is your favourite memory of the summer?

Bon dance (a style of Japanese folk dance)! Everyone wears Yukata (kimonos) and dances together to traditional Japanese music. So fun!

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

I have many exciting projects coming up in 2017, including another collaboration with Isetan department store, ISETAN x Rei Shito, for whom I have produced some fashion items such as shoes, handbags and a fur stole; it’s so exciting! I’m publishing a travel guidebook in Kanazawa city and I’m hosting a fashion talk event in Singapore (my first seminar abroad).

Photo: cortesy of Rei Shito

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