BMW Motorrad: The Future Starts Here

When technology meets cutting-edge vision, courtesy of the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100, we get a glimpse into the future of transport.

BMW has always striven to deliver products that are ahead of the curve. Innovation has been a byword of the company since it graduated from manufacturing aircraft engines—its badge logo is a depiction of a spinning propeller—to become a renowned car and motorcycle designer. The BMW Motorrad motorcycle line has its roots in the R32 with its iconic flat-twin boxer engine which would become the defining feature of the German manufacturer in the decades that followed. While BMW has branched out in its engine configurations, it now offers single-cylinder engines on smaller bikes and fearsome straight-fours on some of its high-range models. But as BMW has expanded into the luxury car market, it hasn’t forgotten where it came from, and how constant innovation makes a market leader.

Breaking the Mould

The Motorrad ethos has always been forward-looking, and it shows no signs of abating now. BMW Motorrad may be owned by a rich and innovative automobile manufacturer, but it is one that is not afraid to break the mould. The high concept Motorrad Vision Next 100 echoes this principle and is founded on the central tenets that define BMW’s vision of the future. This vision is one of versatility, connectivity, low emissions, strong diversity and being tailored to the customer’s needs. BMW sees the future as one in which the product fits the customer, rather than the customer accepting something that doesn’t suit them completely.

A Personalised Vision

Vision Next 100 is all about creating products that benefit the customer and the environment in a way that no other manufacturer has even considered, and by fusing ergonomics with the latest technology, BMW hopes to push the limits of personalisation. Creating products that are relevant yet innovative is key to the Vision Next 100 which will have a different message for each BMW brand. The core BMW vision is one of excitement through innovation: the Mini brand vision focuses on individualised urban mobility, the Rolls Royce vision epitomises bespoke luxury, while the Motorrad vision aims to focus on unlimited pleasure and freedom in riding.

Investment in Design

All of this requires flexibility in manufacturing and a solid investment in novel materials and design, as well as embracing new technologies. This runs a particular risk, as it may mean incorporating resources that are so new that they may not yet have been fully proven. That is the challenge for any truly innovative company, and BMW has the people and skills to make sure that it works. By making products that people not only want but actually aspire to, BMW retains its customer base and remains the manufacturer of choice for a huge section of the market. BMW is marketing its brand as one of sheer driving pleasure, and its reputation for solid engineering brilliance matched with cutting-edge innovation is only going to win ever more supporters.

Photos: courtesy of BMW Global

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