The Lucky Ship: Suerte

Making its own luck, Suerte, by Tankoa Yachts is an elegant ship in classic Italian style.

For decades the most renowned yacht designs were synonymous with German and Dutch shipyards, but now Genoa in Italy is adding its name to that list of renowned shipyards with Tankoa Yachts’ maiden super-yacht, Suerte.

Tankoa was formed by a team of passionate Italian designers and sailors, and it describes itself as a boutique shipyard with the sole purpose of bringing mega yachts to life. Every inch of its 250-metre long quays is dedicated to its craft: this is a company with luxury carved into its masthead. It made its name known on the world stage at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show with the introduction of the Suerte – the lucky ship.

Taking Italian Style to Sea

With the Suerte, designed by Francesco Paszkowski, Tankoa makes the goal of its enterprise clear. It’s a super-yacht as we’ve come to know them, only with every element taken to a new level of innovation and refinement. A full 69-metres long (226 foot), the exterior has an endlessly smooth and classic look that begins to hint at the contemporary design inside, with its teal decking, unusual beach club, and glass panelling.

It is the interior where the design of the ship offers a new dimension, although to describe it as just the interior ignores how it has been built to flow perfectly and work as a unit. The owner’s main quarters are hidden away with complete privacy on the upper deck, while staff and guests are able to operate on separate plains that allow for maximum ease on both ends. There are multiple hose points along the deck so that there is no possibility of entanglement, and dry stacks are carefully installed to prevent engine fumes crossing the path of deck-top sunbathers.

This design was built to circulate, which means guests are led between the rooms of cosy wood and sleek black by pure instinct, helped along with sea-facing saunas and walls made of fish tanks. The interiors are designed to ‘float’ and absorb vibrations, which provides clean sound throughout. This level of thought carries on into the family room, which was moved back several metres to ensure there was the best film-viewing light available at all times.

Take a Trip on the Suerte

The entertainment complex has been built to match these high standards. Guests can enter the beach club from the main swimming deck, which opens into a fully equipped bar, massage parlour, and a large television concealed behind glass. Heading to the upper-deck, visitors will find a sushi bar, casino, and multiple dining spaces, which can be made private for intimate dinners.

Arguably the main design attraction is the lounge room skylight, which has been built into the bottom of the glass swimming pool – creating a kaleidoscope of water-dappled light for those that sit under it.

Needless to say, the initial voyages of the Suerte have been well received by owners and crew alike. The 1,500 gross-ton ship managed to reach over 18 knots and the finesse reaches down into the engine room, with naval-standard wiring, carbon friendly filters, and sophisticated noise reduction. If Tankoa can follow the Suerte with similar top-notch yachts, it will make Italian yacht building a true contender.

Photo: cortesy of Tankoa Yachts

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