Forged Carbon Fiber Jewelry Becomes The Latest Trend In Men's Jewelry

Forged carbon fiber started to become news a few years ago. Traditionally, while very light, durable, and certainly cool looking, it has been a little hard to work with. Carbon fiber composites and forged carbon fiber bring new flexibility and wider usage. In fact, Lamborghini is diving into forged carbon fiber, investing heavily in the technology to make more and more components from the material. For Lamborghini, the math is simple, components with less weight can yield a faster car.

But forged composite has other applications including jewelry. It stands to reason that men who want carbon fiber in their cars might want to adorn themselves with it. David Yurman has created a whole line of forged carbon fiber pieces and new upstart brand Carbon6 has gone all in on forged carbon rings in a variety of styles. Carbon6 is a Kickstarter success story for creating rings that aren't just cool looking, but also have a major fun factor. They've become buzzworthy for creating rings with a luminescent glow.

When designer John Easley lost his wedding ring he tried a bunch of other rings as replacements, but none of them worked out. He wanted something that met the following criteria: a ring that was safe to wear in the shop (not able to be smashed out of shape and cut off circulation, and no electrical bridging), comfortable, beautiful, and meaningful. When nothing he found fit the bill, he created his own. In January 2015 he learned that Lamborghini had developed a process of making what they were calling "forged carbon fiber" that allowed three-dimensional shapes to be made, and made beautifully. He started developing his own process of making forged carbon fiber that would allow him to provide the strength and performance of carbon fiber while giving the material a beautiful marbling pattern.

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