Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

When the Ferrari LaFerrari hit the roads in 2014, it captured the imagination of many high-performance enthusiasts, and was Ferrari’s entry into the hypercar class, that was owned at the time by the Porsche 918 Spyder and the McLaren P1. The LaFerrari put the Maranello Company firmly back at the top.

Never happy without a bit of tinkering, however, this year Ferrari, decided to go that step further and take the roof off, and the LaFerrari Aperta was born. If you loved the standard LaFerrari – if it can be referred to as “standard” by any means – but fancied a bit of extra sun on your face and wind in your hair, then you should get in line to buy an Aperta. Unfortunately you have already missed the boat; of the 209 models being made, 200 have already been sold to private customers, selected by the board, and Ferrari are keeping the other nine to show off at race days and corporate events.

One of the obvious stars of the 2016 Paris Show, the Aperta has the thrilling looks of its earlier brother, but with all the added coolness of an open top. Nor have Ferrari held back on the horses with this one; it is powered by the same combination of raw 6.2 litre V12, pushing out an astonishing 780bhp, and the 120kW electric motor drive. Ferrari have tweaked the control electronics based on testing and feedback from the hardtop model to make it more efficient. Hopefully that hasn’t done anything to dull the roar of the six-into-one exhaust!

But the Aperta isn’t just a LaFerrari with a section of roof missing. This is a car that has been thought about, planned, and implemented with military precision. Among the changes built into the Aperta are new radiators which are angled to direct air along the underside rather than over the bonnet, making the drive less blowy, and a small L-shaped section at the top of each windscreen pillar, which helps reduce air compression in the cockpit at speed. The front air dam is slightly longer than in the 2014 car, helping to increase downforce and thereby assisting with hard cornering - and you could be doing plenty of that with the huge 15-inch disc brakes that allow you to reign in all that power as late as you dare when you come to road curves.

The Aperta comes in two forms – a removable soft top or a removable carbon-fibre section – but they are identical apart from that one difference. Regardless of which roof configuration you have, Ferrari claim that the enhanced aerodynamics will allow you to have a normal conversation, even at high speeds, in the cockpit. The lack of a roof doesn’t seem to make any real difference to the overall stiffness of the car, and it matches the 217mph top speed of the original LaFerrari, getting through 60mph in something under here seconds!!

This is definably a hypercar to own, but if you want one, you are going to have to trawl the dealerships to see whether any of those 200 lucky owners have tired – as if – of their ride, and moved on to something else.



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