Charcoal Cocktails

Straight from the Big Apple, voilà, the "new black"... and yes, it’s safe!

The "IT" drink on cocktail menus all around New York City is likely to be a hot new drink, a black drink, with one very interesting ingredient: activated charcoal. So, what’s the big fuss? Definitely cool looking and matching your sleek, black outfit, activated charcoal drinks are connected to the increasing health-conscious and holistic lifestyles on which we all seem to be focused. Used as a purifier in detox programmes, activated charcoal and other medicinal ingredients are stepping into the bar and club scene.

For bartenders, it is easy to work with charcoal. For the guests, the ingredient is odorless. For those with certain conditions or on medication, however, beware and ask your doctor, as charcoal can also cause problems. And of course, as with any alcohol consumption, moderation is key. Once you are clear to try it, you’ll quickly figure out why charcoal cocktails are definitely the new black.

Black Tie & White Noise © Beauty & Essex

Black Tie & White Noise

In New York City’s famous Lower East Side, the Beauty & Essex offers its special activated-charcoal concoction. Their recipe contains Gentleman Jack whisky (charcoal-filtered), Bruichladdich Port Charlotte scotch, syrup, lemon juice, yellow chartreuse, Angostura bitters and one capsule dose of activated charcoal.

Batman Cocktail

Batman Cocktail © JIMMY at The James @FOHNYC

The brainchild of mixologist Johnny Swet, the Batman cocktail mixes Blackwell rum with activated charcoal, pineapple juice, lime juice and agave served over crushed ice and garnished with grilled pineapple chunks and mint. Sweet and refreshing, plus it’s super cool looking.


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