Staying Healthy Tips While Traveling

Going abroad and travelling is something that most of us look forward to. After slaving away on a gruelling workout and beauty regime in order to be picture-perfect for our trip, many of us want to sit back, relax and indulge.

A soon as we head back to home soil, however, we all seem to utter the same phrase, ‘I need a detox’. Of course, whilst we are away it is only natural to relax our regular eating habits and treat ourselves a little more, but with a few simple steps you can continue feeling healthy before, during and even after your trip!

We have put together some quick, simple and easy steps for you to follow during your travels. Not only will you still feel great when you get home, you can also enjoy the benefits while you are away!

Stay Hydrated

Usually the first thing we think of when trying to remain healthy, there are endless benefits to drinking water. Of course for those travelling to hot countries, drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is essential to help your body function and avoid heat stroke. Drinking plenty of water can also prevent you from feeling sick or dehydrated, especially when indulging in rich foods and alcohol. Water can also help to flush toxins from our body and keep skin hydrated.

Adopt An Exercise Routine

This is usually something we hope to avoid while we are away, but adopting a quick and simple exercise routine can provide a variety of benefits, especially for those who have been slaving away in a gym for that beach-ready body. Exercise is also an excellent de-stressor and can improve your sleeping patterns. It is ideal for those who have trouble sleeping in a strange place or bed, as maintaining a regular exercise routine can help promote sleep and high self-esteem. Even if it is only a quick stroll down to the beach or some sit ups before heading to the beach, make sure that you try to incorporate a small routine during your trip.

Enjoy One Fresh Meal A Day

Of course travelling to new places means trying their local delicacies and cuisine. Not all of them will be considered ‘healthy’ but you’ve worked hard all year round, you deserve it right? Stodgy and heavy meals, however, can have an effect on the body. After a week’s indulgence, we tend to start feeling more sluggish and less energetic, making those trips to the gym even harder when we get home. Why not try visiting local supermarkets and stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. Even starting the day with a watermelon or a smoothie can help fuel your body with the vital nutrients and minerals that it needs to function.

Stick To Your Routine

Especially those who tackle a military style skincare regime every morning, try to stick to it! Replenishing skin can help tackle sun damage as well as repair dry, cracked skin. For those who regularly take vitamins, make sure you take them with you!

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