Four Seasons Private Jet: Travel Made Luxurious

The world’s leader in luxury hospitality, the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, is no stranger to the pinnacle of luxury. Including fully customizable beds in their hotels and even Chocolate rooms, it has taken a bold new step catapulting the concept and industry of hospitality into the stratosphere with the introduction of its Four Seasons Private Jet. In combining the essence of luxurious globe-trotting travel with the company’s signature finesse, aesthetics, style, panache and near-legendary service, the Four Seasons group has come up with a fresh approach to travel.

Every aspect of the operation, from services on the ground to the air, is enhanced to levels of excellence on par with the vision of the Four Season’s Brand. Much the same as with the group’s world famous hotels, where luxury and elegance are part of the brands very DNA, the Four Season’s Jet is the very epitome of luxury in the sky. Every aspect of the magnificent Boeing 757-200ER aircraft has been enhanced and given the Four Seasons Touch, bringing out the highest standards of quality, luxury and sophistication, designed to be the very pinnacle of luxurious indulgence.

The aircraft is equipped with 52 supremely comfortable lie-flat seats, positioned in a privacy-enhanced two-by-two configuration. Each seat, offering 78 inches of personal space, reclines to a length of 6.5 feet and is well placed to maximize legroom and aisle space. Each leather flatbed seat has been custom designed by premier Italian designer Lacobucci, has been hand crafted by the most skilled of artisans and is topped off by supremely comfortable Mongolian Cashmere blankets. The aircraft is also floored with hand-woven woollen carpeting and comes fully equipped with fine crystal tableware.

The Four Seasons super luxury jet has a specially trained crew. It is operated by a minimum of 21 highly qualified Four Seasons in-flight crew members, who not only carry the necessary aircraft-related training but also the highest standards of hospitality. Apart from the flight crew, the staff includes an Executive Chef, a Sous-Chef, a specialist Four Season’s Concierge and a Global Guest Services Manager. The lighting on board the aircraft has also been designed to enhance comfortable, luxurious travel, and shades of violet, white and soothing blues make the journey an effortlessly comfortable and relaxing experience.

The aircraft in itself is a sight to behold. With its full 115 feet elegantly coloured in a deep glossy black, its sleek fuselage exudes grace and luxury. Its aesthetic design and finish are pristine and sophisticated, an image that is accentuated and defined by the largest-ever Four Seasons tree logo as its tail livery. The aircraft’s design seems to personify the Four Seasons brand, bringing to life every facet of its proud and luxurious hospitality heritage. The jet also features global in-flight Wi-Fi to ensure guests' connectivity and is well equipped with all the highest-grade facilities any discerning guest would come to expect of the Four Seasons.

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