Place Vendôme, a touch of Parisian luxury in Qatar

Elegance, fashion, glamour and luxury beyond exception: experience the haut monde of Place Vendôme in the heart of Lusail, Qatar, famously known as the home of Qatar’s World Cup 2022.

Place Vendôme, the starting point for Paris’s famous high-end shopping street, Rue de la Paix, is well known as housing the crème de la crème of the world’s premier brands in jewellery and high-retail fashion. Place Vendôme, Qatar takes not only the moniker of its famous namesake but intends to become a name synonymous with unending luxuries and possibilities beyond imagination. A multi-billion [RP1] Qatar Riyal development undertaken by United Developers, the project aims to become a beacon of luxury and high fashion while showcasing the Qatari commitment to national development.

The project on a 1,000,000 M2 expanse will host two five-star luxury hotels, serviced luxury apartments and a mall with over 500 exclusive retail outlets, including a super luxury wing hosting retail stores for the top-of-the-range retail brands. The mall will also feature a central entertainment feature showcasing the latest entertainment attractions. The luxury hotels and apartments are to be operated by Le Meridien Lusail and the Luxury Collection Hotel, both of which are part of the hospitality behemoth Starwood Hotels.

The development as a whole is envisioned to be replete with Parisian architecture, much in the same vein as its namesake, the Rue de la Paix, which starts at the Place Vendôme. Designed to impress and radiate an aura of luxury and indulgence while maintaining an air of sophistication and artistic licence, Place Vendôme carries this luxury theme into the whole shopping experience. One’s encounter with pure blissful luxury is heightened by the stunning vista of a canal running through Place Vendôme directly from the sea, culminating in a breathtaking open plaza surrounded by cafés and restaurants on its banks.


Located in the very heart of Lusail, the Place Vendôme is to be the central attraction for visitors, both international and domestic, seeking a truly one-of-a-kind retail experience while being surrounded by the pinnacle of luxurious comfort and entertainment. It’s a heavenly home away from home, resplendent in its warm, welcoming hospitality and luxury, where elegance, comfort and quality come together in sublime harmony. It is also a family-oriented luxury escape, designed to enhance quality time spent with family, bringing together thrilling rides, fantastic entertainment and exceptional cuisine to create memories beyond compare.

Place Vendôme promises to deliver a brand new fashion capital of the world, playing host to the world’s most prestigious, exclusive and elite brands. This is all within a superior, pampering cocoon of finest luxury surrounded by structures inspired by effervescent Parisian architecture, complementing the developing cityscape of Lusail City. The development also runs in conjunction with the construction of infrastructure in the city that will service and enhance Place Vendôme via highways, parks, marinas and public transportation, all coming together to form this beacon and pinnacle of luxurious living.

© Place Vendome Qatar

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