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When we think about elegance of design in super yachts, our minds usually go to the interiors, to the grand chandeliers and floating art galleries. The exteriors, no matter how sleek, tend to stick to the tried and tested curved, white boat look that we all know.

With the Black Swan, renowned designer and engineer, Timur Bozca, has redefined what yachts could look like, and even what they should look like. The Swan glides through the water like a fearsome harpoon, with its simple black lines cutting a shape that appears almost otherworldly on the open sea.

Rather than suggesting a boat that is too stylish and sluggish to appeal to the seasoned boater, this impossibly clean and rectangular look invites a feeling of dynamism and control that demands to be helmed.

Grace in steering with the Black Swan

The philosophy of the Black Swan’s exterior is something that is sewn into all of the elements of its design. Its four engines can reach speeds of up to 28 knots per hour (32 mph), and it takes all of its combined 23,000 horsepower to get the 229 foot of enforced steel yacht moving. To fuel all of this, there are 183,000 litres of petrol at the ready.

The smooth and powerful ride is what makes the unique design choices a thing of wonder. The Black Swan transitions the tradition of ocean architecture from one of functionality to one of connection with its surroundings—one that uses the same logic as land-based architecture.

Light is let in through the vessel’s enormous scattered triangular windows and they cut through an interior glass wall which encourages guests to interact with the space between the deck and inner lodging in an entirely new way. Exploration is required to discover its hidden balconies. Each of the balconies looks ahead from the boat and their glass railings give surrounding views of the sea.

An oblong swimming pool spills down the layers of the deck’s sun-side beach club—it runs along the back of the ship, stopping just short of the surrounding water. This makes bathers ask whether this is a yacht contained within the sea, or a sea contained within a yacht.

The luxuries waiting inside

This is a super yacht and, naturally, there is more for you and up to eleven other guests to enjoy than just the futuristic architecture on display. The only chink on the silhouette of the ship is home to an onboard helipad that is reached by a concealed elevator. In some versions, this is home to a helicopter of the same space-black design as the yacht itself.

There is cabin space for every guest, with one master suite and six equally well-equipped guest suites. You can expect to enjoy luxury dining and fittings, but spending time in the surprisingly earthy and cosy interior will be a secondary thought to what waits at the beach club on the deck.

Since its introduction to the design community, the Black Swan has yet to emerge from the shipyard. However, if you plan on owning or chartering the Black Swan, then you can expect a price tag well into the millions since the yacht is estimated to be one of the most expensive in the world on completion.

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