Top beauty trends to try this season

The evenings are finally lightening up and we can finally feel the warm breeze against our skin, it is safe to say that summer is on its way! After a damaging winter on our skin, it will happily welcome a sudden surge of vitamin D.

However, with a new season comes a new beauty trend. Waving goodbye to some rather bizarre treatments from last season, we cannot wait to see what is in store for this summer.

So to help you take note of the upcoming beauty trends for next season, we have compiled together some summer favourites.

The Return of the 1980s

Taking a retro throwback, the eighties have returned! From bright lipsticks to pop blushers, they have certainly put their stamp on summer 2017. Introducing a comeback of blusher and brighter tones, we cannot wait to reminisce in this retro trend!

Bold Lips

Of course we will see the return of coral tones and bright lips, but lipstick has done a whole 360 for this season. From adding glitter to lips to merging together fuchsia tones, 2017 has certainly welcomed an interesting trend for this season.

Bare Lashes

For this season, it seems that we will be leaving our mascara behind! Achieving a fresher and more youthful appearance on eyes, bare lashes create the perfect daytime. And what could be better than having an extra 5 minutes in bed or avoiding the difficult mascara application on the bus?

The Smudgy Eye

Forget the classic smoky eye, this season it is all about the smudgy eye. Favoured by Balmain and Altuzarra at the Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Show, the smudgy eye gives the perfect ‘just woke up look’ and is great for those who aren’t confident with applying makeup—the ‘smudgier’ the better.

Slick Side Parting

Of course we have the Kardashians to thank for the slick hair trend, but for this season we are welcoming the slick side parting. A favourite look for Victoria Beckham and Kenzo, the smoothed down hairstyle is perfect for a sophisticated office hairstyle or in the evening for drinks with friends.

Sweeping Locks

Adopting the new Summer 2017 hairstyle, Gucci are famous for showcasing new and interesting hairstyles on the runway. Obviously, flaunting a slightly more theatrical look on the runway, the real-life sweeping hairstyle is much more relaxed, boasting the classic 1990s boy hairstyle.

The Preppy Fringe

Dominating the Calvin Klein catwalk for this season is the forehead-skimming men’s fringe. Displaying the classic ‘just got out of bed’ look, the preppy fringe is sure to be a hit in your local barbers for this season. Using a razor cut instead of scissors, this blunt fringe will help add some drama to the look.

So, to get ready for next season be prepared for an explosion of glitter, a burst of blush and plenty of vibrant tones!

© victorias, puhhha, ml_lilu1331, simoneandress, Nadzeya Korabkova/123RF

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