Laucala Island – Paradise Found

When you are a multi-millionaire, you can enjoy a lot of luxuries – including yachts, private jets and even a French chateau. However, the American millionaire Malcolm Forbes owned something even more impressive – his own private island. He loved his little slice of Fijian paradise so much that he decided to be buried there. His gravestone on the 3,500-acre Pacific Island says “When Alive, He Lived,” and it’s easy to see why he chose this gorgeous retreat as his final resting place.

Pristine and Unspoiled

Laucala Island is a Pacific hideaway that looks like something out of a dream – with white sugary beaches, dense green rainforests, dazzling turquoise lagoons, gently swaying palm trees and the chattering of tropical birds in the air. The air is fresh and clean and filled with the scent of coconut and fruit trees. The reefs are visible under clear waters – teeming with colourful marine life.

Hideaway Island

The current owner of this unspoiled Eden is another millionaire – an Austrian named Dietrich_Mateschitz, whose fortune was made from the energy drink Red Bull. The good news is that Mateschitz is passionate about the natural beauty of the island, and he insists that there be very little impact on the environment. Only a small sliver of the land on the north of the island is inhabited, and the minimum number of trees have been cut down.

A Top Notch Getaway

The island isn’t just for Mateschitz and his family to enjoy; he has opened it up for visitors. There are resorts on the island, but they are so exclusive that guests must “apply” to stay there. Most guests will arrive on the island’s airstrip with private planes.

Mateschitz intends to make Laucala one of the most luxurious destinations in the world, with five-star amenities and a price to match. Every detail of the 25 spacious ocean-view villas has been carefully chosen to create the best possible experience. There is the highest ratio of staff to visitors in the world – 350 employees and a maximum of 80 visitors. So, no matter what you desire, it can be provided for you within the blink of an eye. Fresh flowers are placed on your bed every day, and your laundry is whisked away and delivered back, gently folded and wrapped in tissue.

Guests of the island can enjoy the elegantly landscaped tropical gardens, the manicured lawns of the plantation style house, the five superb restaurants, the dive centre and the luxurious gym and spa. There is also a vibrant Cultural Village, where visitors can learn about traditional Fijian crafts and festivals.

It is an 80% self-sustaining island, producing its own free-range livestock and vegetables. There is also a large herb garden with hydroponic greenhouses. Mateschitz owns the well-known restaurant Ikarus in Salzburg, Austria – so he is passionate about fine food created with high-quality ingredients. The seven-course tasting menu at the Plantation House is heavenly, including mouth-watering morsels of beef tortellini and crayfish with papaya. Or, you can try Seagrass Restaurant for fresh, fragrant and flavourful Thai food.

This incredible island stands out above the rest as a truly unforgettable luxury paradise.

© Laucala Island Res

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