International interior design trends

As we look to 2017, it’s time to reflect on the leading luxury international interior trends that captured the design world last year. As contemporary living becomes busier and more fast-paced, our homes shift to accommodate this agile environment, and offer a unique sanctuary.

The global must-haves of the year responded to a growing need to switch off and on, quickly. Warm, calm colours complement carefully organised, flowing spaces and simple textures. At the same time, furniture is bespoke to the custom home design, creating a house that is perfectly balanced with modern living.

Refined Clutter

Step back from busy textures and give your home a new beginning. Clean, simple colour illuminates the luxury and character of a space without overwhelming the occupant. The notion of redefining your clutter comes from the mainstream popularity of the minimalist style.

Rose Quartz & Serenity

Pantone surprised many of us this year by naming two colours for the Colour of the Year forecast. Serenity and Rose Quartz, a powder blue and pastel pink hue, were hailed as ‘welcoming colours that psychologically fulfil our yearning for reassurance and security.’ In combination, each tone reflects connection and wellness to restore a sense of order and peace in the home.

Custom Home Furniture

Designer homes across Europe and America set the standard in 2016 for a build that is not only a triumph in custom home design but in custom furniture too. Unique specifications blend with digital technology to allow homeowners to design every aspect, down to most minute detail.

The rise of flat pack furniture and 3D software programmes have created an environment where consumers can decide on colour, finish and bespoke detailing in a way that puts them in control. If you can dream an original shape, you can create it.

Concrete Finishes

Industrial finishes are not only durable but tell an important story. Every mark, scratch and imperfection in poured concrete works in harmony with the cool grey colour and smooth surface. Being able to add roughness to an otherwise sterile environment intrigues the senses.

Grey Hardwood Floors

2016 heralded a return to traditional quality with a contemporary twist. Grey hardwood floors have circulated in the global design community in recent times, as the ideal alternative for homeowners who struggle to overcome the sterile nature of industrial materials.

This recent design trend responds to a need to build a new custom home that can accommodate 21st century tastes with the architectural history of a site.

Blended Spaces

With modern home design now completely bespoke, the movement this year toward seamless living spaces to facilitate a number of functions is hardly surprising. Although functionality is not a fresh concept, the idea that a piece of furniture can have multiple functions, within a multi-function space, redefines the modern lifestyle.

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As Managing Director of Mazzei Homes, a leading Melbourne wide, custom home builder Daniel Mazzei has a strong ambition to innovate the building experience for those looking to build new homes, offering all clients his masterful expertise in custom home design.

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