Dreamjet perfection harmoniously integrates luxury and technological innovation

The VVIP Boeing 787-8 from Kestrel Aviation Management will exceed even the toughest of expectations. Turnkey-managed and sold by Kestrel, VVIP BBJ 787 is the world’s first carbon fibre, virtually all-electric, long-range widebody corporate aircraft, and has been dubbed the Dreamjet

Kestrel Aviation Management managed the purchase, modification and sales of the 143rd 787 Dreamliner and first-ever VVIP custom Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 787-8, which was unveiled in Geneva at the 2016 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition.

This 2400 square foot, 40-seat aircraft has nearly 9,800 nautical mile range, and the ability to fly over 17 hours, non-stop, and thus between almost all major cities on earth. The interior design was co-produced by Kestrel Aviation Management and the French design firm Pierrejean Design Studio. Kestrel explores the world for unique materials never before seen in corporate aircraft, and has sourced and customised high-quality leathers and fabrics, woods and marbles, and even innovative lightweight metal composites. Texture, colour and mood lighting choices offer a visually relaxing and functional, high-quality ambience, with no clutter.

The low noise, vibration and cabin altitude of the BBJ 787 all contribute to minimising passenger fatigue, as do its optimised air filtration and distribution. The cabin design is perfect for long-haul flying and comprises zones that reflect the requirements of government, corporate and high-net worth principals, such as privacy via discrete guest and staff segregation. Tablets located throughout the cabin control lighting, video monitors, audio, window shades and flight attendant requests.

Kestrel excels in aviation asset management and curating lifestyles in flight. With over 40 years of in-depth experience in both commercial and private aviation, Kestrel Aviation Management has purchased and sold over 300 commercial aircraft, founded or restructured eight airlines, and managed two airline acquisitions. It has worked with 47 heads of state, 21 corporate conversions, managed bank-owned aircraft portfolios and arranged USD$9 billion of aircraft financing. Based in the USA, the company has been active worldwide on six continents, completing over USD$50 billion in aircraft transactions.

Stephen Vella

Kestrel’s CEO Stephen Vella told Project Luxury & Art that the “Cabin completion of this aircraft required discipline, knowledge and effective communication. The process involves coordinating multiple parties simultaneously, solving complex interrelated challenges... Kestrel had to become innovative disruptors in order to complete this project.“ Nohl Martin, partner and Executive Vice President added, “This is a flying masterpiece. From engineering, to art, to tactile and sensory excellence. An ultimate experiental artwork.“

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