Men runway trends, Spring/Summer 2017


Stylish and elegant as always, the new collection is also casual, bringing metropolitan leisure in a new light. Extra-wide trousers worn with narrow and waisted jackets and casual t-shirts blend harmoniously with a soft colour concept. Dominated by beige, cream, gray and washed blue – with flashing red accents scattered here and there, the collection does show a few exotic patterns. The textiles are comfortable and natural, in linen and cotton. The long-haired models as well as those with slightly tufted hair, wore their outfits casually, donning sunglasses to enhance Armani’s leisure look this season.


Italian fashion house Etro, which was founded in 1968, is world famous for its stylish textile designs and its signature exotic paisley patterns. Its menswear collection for spring/summer 2017 has a touch of this passion, which can be seen in its relaxed, comfortable cuts and lightweight materials. Called warm and beguiling, this Etro col- lection was presented by non-professional models who were allowed to choose their own pieces to wear, creating a good vibe throughout the show and bringing a real sense of authenticity to the entire collection.

© Armani; Etro

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