Exclusive nature by Roland Moser

Whether he is photographing manmade structures in his native Switzerland or showcasing the outback of Australia, Roland Moser has an eye for the atmospheric instant, the grand sweep of the natural world. These are Moser’s ‘nature moments’. “Photography to me is far more than only taking pictures of beautiful places and epic light. My photographs show nature through my eyes,” says Moser. It’s those eyes that have been lucky enough to see some of the most stunning locations in the world. After completing a degree in English in California, he and a friend set off on a trip across the American southwest. Armed with “a small pocket camera”, he captured images of the mountains and plains of the region that would influence the rest of his life.

Australia - The Territory

It was not until 2007 that Moser had the equipment to match his ambitions. Following a trip to Australia where he became enamoured with its vast expanses, he was determined to buy his first digital camera. “Though I love a lot of different landscapes, I really love the Australian outback. It’s kind of the last adventure,” says Moser. Returning often with his DSLR, travelling by Land Cruiser and sleeping in a tent under the stars with his Australian-born girlfriend, he surrounds himself with the subjects of his photographs: Australia’s natural landmarks, cliffs and wildlife.

Australia - The Territory, Muirella Camp, Kakadu National Park

As a result of this close relationship between the photographer, the landscape and the photographs, Moser protects the exclusivity of his work. He will, however, begin to offer limited editions of his prints in 2017. And for those inspired by his work, Moser offers workshop sessions, teaching students to capture their own ‘nature moments’ alongside fellow Swiss photographer Adrian Wirz.

We speak with Swiss photographer Roland Moser, to explore his ‘nature moments’.

Roland Moser

Which place have you visited that has most surprised you?

I don’t have any expectations when I arrive at a location for the first time. I’m more surprised that you don’t have to travel far and wide to photograph breathtaking landscapes. It’s all about the light and weather conditions and, if those conditions are perfect, you can take gorgeous images in your neighbourhood.

Tell us about one of your most memorable location shoots.

There’s a remote place in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory in Australia that I had seen in a travel magazine. I fell in love with it. It’s a real wilderness—a croc-infested billabong—and you have a great view over the water to the bush and Nourlangie Rock in the background, which glows red at sunset.

What was behind the decision to start offering limited edition prints of your work?

A photographer friend from Australia asked me if I sold limited edition fine art prints. He said he’d buy one if I did and told me that there are two kinds of print buyers: the ones that just want to have a nice image hanging in their living room and the collectors who want to invest in something. For me, I want to have some separation between my best images and the others. I will offer only the best of the best as limited editions.


© Roland Moser

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