Gucci - Alessandro Michele’s vision of S/S17

Founded in 1921, Gucci is a high profile fashion brand that has shaped and defined the world of high-end fashion for many years.

Gucci creates timeless, ready to wear collections that push the boundaries of innovative design and are no stranger to fashion walkways in all corners of the world. The company is famous for consistently exploring the endless possibilities that come hand in hand with fashion design and it produces an extensive range of menswear, womenswear, accessories, footwear, travel accessories, and jewellery.

One of the most recognisable designer brands in the fashion industry, Gucci is renowned for integrating their signature branding into their designs. As a result, they now have a number of house signatures, including iconic designs such as their interlocking Gs and red stripes, and horsebit loafers. Worn by celebrities and the fashion elite around the world, Gucci has an unmistakable Italian feel, which is reflected in the brand’s choice of prints, designs and luxurious materials that are found throughout their collections.

Spring/Summer 2017 Collection


Alessandro Michele recently became Gucci’s new creative director. Michele may be relatively unknown but he is not under-qualified. When he was appointed to his new role as the director of one of the world’s biggest premium fashion brands this year, many fashion insiders were surprised and bewildered that a relatively unknown gure could take over the reigns of an international fashion brand that is worth billions of pounds. But after much scepticism, it would already seem that this luxurious, Italian brand is in very good hands! Known for his eccentric style and streak of infectious mystery, Michele is all set to take the brand into the future. Armed with his love of quirky, non-conventional design, Gucci’s newest recruit is already working tirelessly on creating new and exciting collections that embrace a number of unique prints, fabrics, designs and antique textiles.

Working alongside 70 other designers, Alessandro Michele even uses his own favourite pieces of clothing as inspirational starting points. This allows him to explore new possibilities and create pieces that excite the often hard to crack world of fashion. A perfectionist by nature, Michele has admitted that he regularly obsesses over all of his collections, every single minute of every single day. It is this level of dedication that has already earned him much re- spect from fashion critics, as well as the team that he works with. Dedicated to creating a catalogue of individual looks, Gucci’s new collections are not necessarily what you would expect from a brand that has previously remained loyal to many of their signature prints. From crepe-de-Chine blouses that come complete with intriguing pussycat bows, through to duffle coats with sleeves that have been cut to bracelet length, Gucci’s new creative director has been keen to completely re-define the brand, injecting elements of quirky, vintage flavour and mismatched prints into its collections.


Although warm, sunny days seem to be a lifetime away, the world’s fashion walkways are already walking on sunshine! And Gucci’s spring/summer 2017 collection certainly won’t let you down when it comes to injecting life, eccentric design, and unpredictable style into your wardrobe.

The brand’s inspiration for this collection comes from the work of V. Nabokov: “Literature was not born the day when a boy crying ‘wolf, wolf ’ came running out of the Neanderthal valley with a big gray wolf at his heels; literature was born on the day when a boy came crying ‘wolf, wolf ’ and there was no wolf behind him.”

Steeped in wonder, the S/S17 collection will open your eyes to an eccentric style that knows no boundaries. The show’s notes aimed to shed some light on Gucci’s newest collection, stating: "The narrative principle is non-linear; it is made of ruptures, digs, leaps, cross-references and unpredictable connections. An archipelagic and metamorphic approach in which the thought over ows undisciplined and doesn't follow in the wake of tradition." As wildly poetic as that sounds, the collection certainly impressed the fashion elite. Featuring all things magical and pink, the collection revealed plenty of Elton John inspired sunglasses ready for the return of the sunshine, wonderful prints, as well as lots of bold knitwear that is ideal for chillier days.

© Gucci; Andrea Martiradon

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