Supersonic jet - Spike S-512

You’d be forgiven for assuming the Spike S-512 is an impressive idea for a futuristic, high-budget movie, however this magni cent and modern creation is actually set to be the world’s rst supersonic business jet.

The exterior of the Spike S-512 is strikingly smooth and sleek. The streamlining and aerodynamics primarily improve speed and overall performance, while reducing shock wave impact and noise. In addition to these practicalities, applying artistic attention has resulted in a stylish and appealing shape.

Sheer class and sophistication continue on-board the luxurious yet comfortable cabin, which carries up to eighteen passengers. Replacing the windows are high- quality panoramic images, captured using strategically placed external cameras. Entertainment is available and includes lms, electronic displays and tourist maps. Passengers have plenty of personal space to work or relax while enjoying the journey.

Amazingly, the supersonic Spike S-512 will reduce travel times by almost 50%. For example, ying from New York City to London and from Paris to Dubai will take only three hours, perhaps becoming popular day trip destinations. Gruelling long distance journeys will be a thing of the past. Switzerland to Sydney takes the supersonic jet ten hours as opposed to the current duration which is almost an entire day. International business, partnerships and meetings will be much more accessible. Distance will no longer be a barrier.

Visiting friends and family living overseas will be easier, with less time spent travelling. Long distance relationships will also bene t as loved ones share more time together.

Top speeds of 1100mph (Mach 1.6) mean this powerful craft will be the fastest non-military passenger jet in the world. The supersonic Spike S-512 boasts an incredibly high speed which is 450mph quicker than other jets in its class. This business jet also has an extremely impressive range of 6,200 nautical miles.

Costing an estimated $100 million per unit, Boston- based Spike Aerospace predict approximately 700 sales of the supersonic Spike S-512. The simply stunning supersonic jet is 40 metres (131 ft.) long, with a wingspan of 18 metres (60 ft.). The Spike S-512 has a gross weight of 19,958kg (44,000 lb.) and the ight limit weight is 38,102kg (84,000 lb.).

We now excitedly await the production of the world’s rst supersonic business jet, which will probably occur in the early 2020s. In the meantime, we look forward to the launch of the Spike S-512 prototype which will be unveiled very soon. Watch this space!

In 2013, Massachusetts manufacturer Spike Aerospace proudly presented its design and development details proposing future production of the Spike S-512, immediately proving popular with the press and public. Updates revealed in 2015 were also positively received with excitement and enthusiasm.

With exceptional engineering and extensive expertise, Spike Aerospace are leading the way in aviation and aerospace advancement. Earlier this year, specialists in computer aided engineering (CAE) o cially became new additions to the already impressive team. The Spike S-512 is certain to provide passengers with the ultimate travel experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

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