Super Falcon S3 - Flying underwater

Take a deep-sea trip with this newest transport wonder

The Super Falcon 3S personal submarine was unveiled in autumn 2016 to take people on exhilarating underwater ights. Thanks to a partnership with Rainbow sh Ocean Technology, DeepFlight Adventures will be o ering excursions in the Super Falcon 3S at luxury, seaside resorts in 2017. Like all DeepFlight submarines, Super Falcon 3S is also available for purchase for superyachts.

It often seems like we have discovered and mapped all our small planet has to o er – tourist outposts can be found in uninhabitable deserts, on the tops of mountains, and in the thick of the jungle – yet one location has remained largely unseen by humans: the sea oor. With travel to the moon soon to be commercially available to everyone it is remarkable how little has been made DeepFlight Super Falcon 3S of our limited means of exploring this underwater world – 97% of which is unexplored. The Super Falcon 3S personal submarine, however, may have just changed recreational ocean exploration forever.

See a piece of the planet no one has seen before

It’s likely that many of us have been snorkelling on holiday and seen a foot or two down into the ocean. If you’ve gone scuba diving you might have taken this further and gone as deep as 100 foot down. With the Super Falcon you are able to operate at 400 foot deep with unparalleled viewing access of the world around you. These are depths professional deep sea divers can access, but they are completely out of reach for the average person – and even the professionals can only stay at those depths for mere minutes.

The 2-person Super Falcon (pictured above) is already in operation at Laucala Island in Fiji. The new Super Falcon 3S will allow a shared experience, with a trained pilot and two guests. Each passenger sits in his own cockpit, with a crystal clear, acrylic viewing dome overhead, providing nearly 360 degree views of the ocean around you. Imagine ying alongside whales and dolphins, skimming over a reef, or ying over an ancient shipwreck. This is all possible in the DeepFlight submarines.

What is special about the Super Falcon 3S

The idea of a personal submarine has been around for a while. The Super Falcon 3S di ers from these models substantially and there’s a reason people are getting excited.

Traditional personal submarines were built more like lumbering air tanks which would slowly descend or ascend through the water. While many of these can operate further down they were far from manoeuvrable or smooth rides. In these submarines you could not zip around underwater canyons or glide close to the reefs and this is the Falcon’s main selling point – what it calls the ‘DeepFlight’ experience. The Super Falcon 3S is designed much like a jet and it ies through the water like air, reaching speeds of up to 6 knots.

The Falcon isn’t just giving you another platform to view the ocean; instead it lets you experience the ocean in a whole new way. You’ll be fully submersed with your viewing dome and working with the water to see what it has to o er. Flying through the water gives you a unique perspective on our beautiful ocean planet.

Safety should not be a concern for those worried about ying underwater. The submarine is positively buoyant and will automatically oat to the surface if left to its own devices.

© DeepFlight-Super Falcon, Laucala Island

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