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For their Couture Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren take mementos from a multitude of past collections as a basis for their new creations. Fabrics are torn, mixed up and woven by hand to create new voluminous shapes and textures. Vintage become elaborately decorated garments. Embroideries consist of dense, organic mixtures of repurposed buttons, beads and crystals. Techniques such as weaving and collage, emphasizing the "handmade" aesthetic, blend perfectly with inspiration from Dickens’ Vagabonds, wandering from place to place with their thrown-together, tattered and seemingly mismatched look.


The men’s autumn/winter collection moves inside the field of poetic reactivation, a field that destroys and liberates at the same time. In this operation the clothes become an assemblage of fragments emerging from a temporal elsewhere: resurfacing epiphanies, entangled and unexpected; fluid layers of the past, disorderly anchored to the present, survivals transfigure d inside a renewed aesthetics. These fragments play with each other: they fade away in overlay, they detach from their original meaning to take on new interpretations, they reassemble through associations that free themselves from pure logical connection. The collection offers fresh emotional palimpsests exceeding sense and desire.

© Viktor & Rolf, Gucci


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