Sylwia Synak - Colourful abstract art

Evocative abstract paintings splashed in colour.

Born in Poland, Sylwia Synak moved to Munich, Germany to study art and has stayed there since. Synak has ben shown in exhibitions in Munich, Berlin, Zurich and London. She has played with wall painting, interior decoration and graphic design and these roots or spirts stand quietly behind most of her pieces today. For Synak, painting is a process of continuous change, yet she is magically able to bring a soothing presence and silence into her works almost leaving viewer, and the artist herself, free from thought and time.

Sylwia Synak

Synak paints in such a way that her images become abstract transformations in which space and the "now" are of the moment. The transformations are a process of awakening, so to speak, a consciousness that emanates from us and occupies us. As Synak describes, „the transparent layers of colour and life are superimposed on the spatula, from the tension between abstract form and color. They are non-representational, strong in colour, allowing images to surface from the arrangements and to stimulate associations.“


The innovative and experimental combination of different techniques and materials in Synak’s works, such as acrylic pigments and various structural pastes, create new forms of expression.

Until recently, she has mainly painted with natural materials such as limestone, using acrylic pigments and various structure pastes in mixed technique on canvas. With the help of spatulas, brushes, brushes and rollers in combination with painting, scratching and wiping, very individual structures and effects are created. „The colour arrangement itself does not follow an intellectual pattern - it is purely intuitive and spontaneous,“ shares Synak. The artist now continues with limestones, and uses sand, ground, chalk, and oil. She creates the pigments and putties herself.

New Era 5

Her “Breaking the Darkness“ brings amazement and a temporary submergence into what has been described as relaxing self-forgetfulness, letting viewers extend themselves and re-emerge with new boldness and assurance. Her works often touch our inner needs, for happiness, love, self-confidence, belonging, desire, hope and humour, but she is able to evoke this through abstraction without motifs.

Highly skilled at combining and nurturing colours, Synak lets her shades and tones bring sensualism forth. The “Explosion of the Colours” work is very strong, releasing a force or a mystery that captivates and amazes: is it an evening sky or an emotion? Only the viewer can answer this.

Gold Indigo Play

Some of Synak’s colours and pigments cover the whole canvas, as in „Confidence“, sometimes even running over the edge and continuing, in part, on the frame. Powerful and very aesthetic, this affect gives an endlessness to her works, complementing the often explosions of colours and textures on the main areas of her canvases.


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