Dubai Museum of the Future, A Museum that Looks Set to Impact the World

In a bid to support the UAE’s mission to become a leading, global innovation engine, His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has announced plans to launch a new Museum of the Future.

Dedicated to developing and producing future innovations, as well as pinpointing imaginative solutions to innovation challenges, the Museum of the Future plans to become the permanent home of the world’s greatest innovations. The UAE want to be recognised as a major destination for innovators on a global scale and it is hoped that the Museum of the Future will become a platform to display real examples of change and innovation.

Located in the Emirates Towers area, near Shaikh Zayed Road, the museum will open in 2017 and will become a stand-out destination for those seeking inspiration through groundbreaking innovation.

Bringing together some of the world’s biggest and brightest inventors, financiers and designers

The new museum will also offer a well-equipped space for some of the world’s biggest and brightest inventors, allowing them to empower their creative minds, fund and market new ideas and watch their future prototypes and services come to life.

“See the future, create the future”

One of the main aims of the museum is to not only create a platform to display exhibits and publish reports, but also an exciting environment wherein some of the world’s brightest innovators can create real examples of change through design and technology prototyping.

The first of its kind

Aiming to create a futuristic vision for a better world, the Museum of the Future is yet another example of a leading entrepreneurial government hoping to push the boundaries of innovation in order to create change for a better future. And it is planned that this new venture will become a space where major innovators can image, design and execute their ideas, turning their visions into a reality. It will also become a space where world-leading tech giants can test their latest designs and collaborate with other entities, ultimately creating long-lasting innovations that will benefit both society and existing organisations.

Experience the future first hand

The Board of Trustees will include a number of high profile national figures who will work together to create a unique space where visitors can gain a glimpse into the future through state-of-the-art simulations and interactive demonstrations. But that’s not all… The museum will also become a destination hosting a number of innovation labs that will focus on education, health, energy and transport. Visitors will also be able to attend a number of scientific conferences, as well as a vast range of advanced courses and specialised workshops. The technological world is continuing to advance at an unprecedented rate and it is clear that the Museum of the Future can become a major centre for anticipating future trends from which we all can benefit.


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