Bentley Bentayaga, The Suv That Literally Has it All

When it comes to Bentley, the distinctive brand of extreme luxury, only the very best will do, and its first, newly released Bentayga is showing the world of SUVs exactly how it’s done. Bentley’s classic four-wheel drive boasts power and performance while maintaining the sleek and superior design we know and love.

For practically a century, Bentley has been perfecting the production of its prestigious cars, including the pre-war distinctive Blue Train and the 1952 R-Type Convertible, which is often remembered for its impressive 115 mph top speed, unheard of at the time. The Bentley Mark V was destined to be a top seller in the 1930s and was proudly referred to by many as the ‘silent sports car’. Disappointingly, the Second World War disrupted these hopes and saw a rather dismal number being produced, only seven of which are still around today. With delivery of such advanced and captivating cars historically, it comes as no surprise that Bentley has yet again created a vehicle catching everyone’s attention, the Bentayga, its first sport utility vehicle (SUV).

From the first glance, the exterior style and design make it immediately apparent that the Bentayga is a model from the luxurious Bentley brand. The appearance screams power and precision as this highend SUV boasts impressive performance both on and off-road. With its stupendously strong W12 engine, the top speed is an unimaginable 187 mph. The 600bhp contributes to its jaw-dropping ability of achieving 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds.

Supercars from Bentley are renowned for their class, style and sophistication, and of course the Bentayga is no different. This revolutionary, responsive four-wheel drive sports all of the features associated with the luxurious Bentley brand.

As expected, the high quality hand-stitched full leather interior comes as a standard feature, along with the added comfort of heated seating throughout. The technically advanced touch screen enables easy control of the intelligent on-board computer, ensuring drivers have everything they could possibly require at their fingertips.

The attractive LED lighting is a proud and popular choice, and it really goes without saying that Wi-Fi comes as standard. Every last detail is nothing less than perfect!

This stunning and superior model, despite being described as the standard option, comes with already oversized 21 inches alloys; but for those who wish to make as massive an impact as possible, there is the added feature of upgrading to 22 inches. Further addons include a luxurious branded fly fishing kit to match your new Bentayga and a portable Bentley picnic table. This clearly brings the phrase ‘travelling in style’ to life. The Bentley Bentayga really does have everything you could ever possibly require and desire. It offers complete comfort for everyone inside, regardless of whether you are driving around the city or on the wildest terrain, and is remarkably reliable in spite of driving conditions. The Dynamic Drive feature automatically adjusts the vehicle’s suspension, amazingly adapting to your environment. This SUV really does have it all!


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