Fall Collection Highlights

Fall is finally here. Bittersweet or not, this season allows us to maximise an outfit a little more lavishly as opposed to summertime’s lighter attire. There is no reason to worry about the winter ahead: with high-shiny PVC and expressive symbols, we are heading towards a very colourful fall. In other words, your wardrobe won’t have time to take another break.


This season, the trends are designed for the man of today. He has a busy life where job, sport activities and that aperitivo in the evening must work with the outfit. So, his lifestyle requires an ‘omni-outfit’, the one that works for more than just one occasion. This season the designers have simplified the hectic life for the man with class, taste and high standards. The result is an easy way of mixing an outfit in a both hedonic and utilitarian way.

It might seem like a jungle, but it’s not. Just as with your female counterparts, you probably already have the season’s ‘must haves’ in your closet: the suit, sporting outfit, apr.s-ski pullover, pajamas and the bomber jacket. This fall’s fashions allow you to combine suit pants with plaid patterns together with a simple t-shirt and a sporty puffer jacket . la Calvin Klein.

Satin sleepwear has been seen all over the catwalk. We are in love with the styling of Dolce & Gabbana who combine nightwear with a sleek black wool coat. Oversized fur was also a big item swirling down the catwalks of the big fashion houses. You can easily wear it by dressing it down with sneakers and a plain outfit underneath. The style of mixing sportswear with sophisticated, fine handcrafted items makes an outfit look less complicated and gives you that sought-after attitude of not having a look that is too figured out, but more a relaxed style with a lot of that laid-back attitude.

At last, don’t forget the details, like this year’s key item: the silk neckerchiefs. Wear them together in earthy autumn colours and pop up the outfit with one of the season’s most popular colours: couture-red, mustardyellow, purple, sky blue and metallic. Combine your outfit with silky satin, velvet material and, as always, don’t overwork it. This fall is all about looking a little bit like, “sorry, I overslept.”


A welcoming activity when the temperature drops is to bring out favourite items from the closet, the ones that never go out of fashion, then add to them with the new must-have items of the season. You may prefer to focus on updating the details, like earrings and other accessories that are in the spotlight this fall, or, to go for a re-vamp of the whole wardrobe. Either way, this season will be easy to adapt to, either with your own worked-out style or your special adaptations. The ’70s are still in, along with pastel, grand palettes of yellows, long slim scarves, fringes, pleats, fishnets, laces and layers.

What’s new? This fall, designers have put a big effort into the details, and they haven’t been shy: the gothic theme is all over the runways and is not apologising for its arrival. Lady Gaga mounted the Marc Jacobs catwalk with a gothic killer attitude and makeup that would make Gene Simmons click the copy and paste button ASAP. The Victorian theme, with its dark appearance and dramatic dresses, has been adapted by many designers this fall. One of the other major big trends this season emerging on catwalks in New York, and called out as a definite trend in Paris, is the ’80s!

Are oversized suits and defined shoulders still embarrassingly fresh in your minds (you had said that you wouldn’t embrace it again for all the tea in China)? You can relax, we have handpicked the sophisticated key pieces to invest in for this fall. In fact, not only is the suit oversized this season, even the choker-necklace is: the ‘live now, die later’ attitude is still strong and we are not ready to let go of the ’90s yet. It is spiced up with a high-shiny vinyl fetish-style . la Louis Vuitton and Dior.

And if this were not enough, the corset is back, an item that would make Coco Chanel turn in her grave. So ready or not, we are about to enter a fantastic fall. Fashionistas will (in their velvet military inspired jackets) spice it all up in an overload of fur matched with granddad plaids, some after-ski and folklore, coloured in dusty earth colours together with animalistic prints and the season’s key colours: purple, bubble-gum pink, couture red, grand palettes of yellow, and sky blue. Lose yourself in a biker-babe mood, and why not wrap it all up in a pie-crust collar in that Victorian style. Convinced yet? Yes, you got this.


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