Fall Collection 2016, Top Designers & Trends


'Black Velvet' is the name of the new Armani collection, which is magnificent, elegant, mysterious and dreamy. The collection combines the clean lines for which Armani is associated with the Bohemian flair of the rich, velvet material. The fabric surfaces are animated, arousing curiosity. Also eye-catching are the black ties, which are used in different ways, as well as the shiny nude-coloured ankle boots with black pointed hat. The essence of Armani, the contrast between patterns and opulent embellishments, assures the usual elegance of the timeless Armani Chic.


Dior Homme’s Creative Director Van Assche has mixed different elements together for this collection. Under dimmed red neon lights and the rhythmn of electronic music, the catwalk models showcased a palette of black, red and white noble materials, checkered Rob-Roy tartans, classical Oxford bags converted into skater pants, and traditional knitting patterns with a rebellious side. “The collection uses elements of the past and transports it into the present,” said Van Assche. “It is thought provoking, about where we are now...


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