Korea’s Best Beauty Secrets

The Korean population prioritises perfection, especially when it comes to physical appearance. Regarding looks as equally important as education, Koreans are renowned for their extreme emphasis on beauty. The natural beauty routine begins at a very young age and is responsible for their trademark flawless complexion.

It comes as no surprise that the Korean beauty market is expanding, with people across the globe striving to achieve the standards set by the Koreans. Consumers’ desperation to gain gorgeous, glowing skin has led to the Korean beauty industry being in high demand on an international level. We reveal a selection of the best Korean skincare secrets, meaning that the beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of can become a reality.


We all know never to go to bed with make-up on, which is why Korean women thoroughly cleanse their skin, removing not only their make-up but any germs picked up throughout the day. In fact, they consider cleansing to be so important that they do a second cleanse. Toner is treated as treasure by females from Korea, as they rely on its ability to encourage maximum absorption of the final product. Using an essence as opposed to a heavy moisturiser is common amongst Korean females. The essence is effective in ensuring skin remains radiant and free from imperfections. The Korean method involves using your cleansing lotion to carefully remove any make-up, rinsing your face afterwards. This should be followed by gently massaging a generous application of cleansing foam onto your face. With the cleansing step complete, apply the toner, preparing your skin for the next step. To finish, simply spray the essence evenly over your face. Remember, consistency is crucial so be sure to repeat these steps daily. Although fairly straightforward, this is a skincare sequence that many Korean women swear by, often crediting it as a contributor to their clear complexion.


Females in Korea take extra care when it comes to the sensitive skin surrounding their eyes. This is an area prone to imperfections, including signs of tiredness and wrinkles, although the Korean beauty secret ensures they look immaculate. All you need to do is gently dab moisturiser to the eye area before bed each night, waving goodbye to unwanted fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.


Sun causes devastating and irreparable damage to your skin, which is why Korean woman religiously apply sunscreen, regardless of the weather. Sunscreen provides protection from the harmful UV rays, reducing premature ageing of the skin while also significantly lowering the risk of skin cancer.


Reaching levels of beauty and perfection that match the typical Korean requires healthy lifestyle choices in addition to daily skincare regimes. This involves eating a healthy, varied and balanced diet, avoiding foods with high fat, sugar and salt content. Korean cuisine is rich in vegetables and grains, which are both sources of essential nutrients. Dehydration has a huge impact on your skin, so it is important that you drink enough water. Our body is 60 per cent water and therefore you should aim to drink at least two litres a day. Physical exercise also contributes to your appearance and, as expected, being active is important amongst Koreans. You should incorporate a minimum 30 minute brisk walk into each day. Finally, signs of worry and stress often become visible on your skin, and our fast-paced twenty-first century living is making this more common than ever before. Follow the Korean example and manage stress levels effectively with relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga.


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