Morgan EV3 1909 Edition, Looking Back in Going Forward

Nostalgia marketing is big business. People can’t get enough of the products of yesteryear. Joining the retro revolution is the Morgan EV3 1909 Edition, a throwback to the Morgan two-seaters built up until 1939, but with the modern efficiency of a lightweight electric motor in place of the twin cylinder petrol engine of the cars they mimic. The bullet-style body is constructed primarily from composite carbon panels, taking its design cue from aero-engined racing cars from the 1930s and, with the reintroduction of their tail-lift feature, it is a modern car that carries all the credibility of a classic design.

The 1909 Edition is basically the same as the EV3 launched at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed, but with a special paint scheme that celebrates the opening of Selfridges in London, with a black and bronze colour scheme that reflects the name plate on the shop. Described by Morgan as being a 'collector’s item', there are plans to build just nineteen of the 1909 models, making it one of the most exclusive cars in the world. With an expected purchase price of around Åí52,000, it’s well within the reach of many serious car collectors.

The EV3 1909 is powered by two electric motors encased in forward-facing distinctive brass fins which aid cooling. It returns the same performance as the 2015 EV3, producing 102HP, which is sufficient to accelerate the car up to 90 mph for a range of between 120 and 150 miles between charges, and only weighing a little less than 1,200 lbs! The cockpit is a luxurious mix of brushed aluminium and polished wood, with a central Magneto switch for forward, neutral and reverse selection. The introduction of a digital screen above the bank of functional switches gives the whole cockpit a retro-futuristic steampunk feel. At the front end, four large round headlights grace the frame around the brass cooling fins of the motors and add to the overall boldness of the design.

Each car can be delivered with an exclusive gift pack featuring up to nine bespoke products that capture the flavour of 1920s’ motoring with modern day quality. Optional products include Dent driving gloves, Linda Farrow driving goggles, an Alexander McQueen driving scarf, a Karl Donohue helmet, George Cleverly shoes, and a waxed driving jacket made by Belstaff. The EV3 1909 will debut at Salon Priv. Concours d'El.gance to be held at Blenheim Palace in the UK in September, before being officially launched at a special event to be held at the Birmingham branch of Selfridges on October 1. Morgan have created an intriguing blend of classic style and new materials to produce a stylish and instantly memorable car, but have packaged it with zero emissions credibility.


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