Luxury Trains, Elite Train Travel in Japan

Japanese rail travel is set to reach a grand new level of luxury next year on the release of two brand new luxury trains. Already, the demand for tickets for journeys aboard these swanky cruise trains is very high, so booking in advance is advised!


Your journey aboard the Train Suite Shiki-Shima is one designed to showcase the local industries unique to each region it passes through, as well as the country’s unique culture and stunning natural scenery. What better way to enjoy all of these beautiful sights than aboard this luxurious train?

If observing the sights from afar doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll be glad to hear that passengers aboard Shiki- Shima will also have the opportunity to get off the train every now and then to explore the various local areas which fall along the railway route. Explore the Shirakami- Sanchi mountainous area or the Nikko Toshogu Shrine before climbing once more aboard your luxury cruise train and heading to your destination in style. As you enjoy your journey, there will be plenty of room to discover without even leaving the train. With suites, deluxe suites, a lounge, a dining room and observatory cars, you’ll never find yourself at a loss for things to do or places to go.

Potentially the most novel part of the Shiki-Shima, the observatory cars are designed to give passengers the best possible view of the stunning scenery outside the train. Found at both the front and rear of the train, these carriages boast a glass ceiling and glass walls so that you won’t have to miss an inch of your glorious surroundings.


Focus your exploration towards the west, and you’ll find the Sea of Japan, the Seto Inland Sea islands and the rich culture and stories of Matsue and Kyoto. These sights, and many more, can be enjoyed from your seat aboard the Twilight Express Mizukaze, a sophisticated ride with all the breath-taking quality of a luxury hotel.

The name of the train, Mizukaze, translates literally as ‘fresh wind’ or ‘joyous wind which brings fortune’, a name which brings to mind images of a fresh, clean train, or a literal breath of fresh air. Once on the train, passengers may enjoy the glamorous interior, fully decorated in an ‘art deco meets twenty-first century’ style. There are to be ten separate cars, including a lounge car, two sightseeing cars with outdoor viewing platforms, six sleeper cars and a dining car. Altogether, the train will have capacity for thirty people.

These luxury cruise trains will be a far cry from the standard commuter trains in most modern cities and are sure to attract a vast number of passengers. We look forward to seeing where the concept of luxury transport will travel to next!


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