Ona Sadkowsky

Taking streets, residences and corporate clients by storm, this talented young artist creates humoristic, refreshing and funky drawings, paintings and contemporary urban art that stand apart boldly from the crowd.

Born in Zurich in 1992, Ona Sadkowsky has already gathered a strong following despite her young age and is considered one of today’s most aspiring young artists in Switzerland. Her distinctive drawing style is wellappreciated not only within the Swiss urban art scene, but also through both solo and group shows at galleries and at art fairs in Spain, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Switzerland and the US. Ona also participates regularly in live performances where she paints murals for special events and for a variety of audiences. Ona grew up in the old city centre in a family of artists, in a world of daily painting and creativity, spending holidays and many weekends in her grandfather’s atelier and her weekdays in the apartment that served as her mother’s studio. She always knew that art would play an important part in her life.

She began her journey towards her current art style by first creating simple pencil on paper comics, usually filled with frivolous and sometimes perverse content, and then moved on to acrylic paintings on canvas using MOLOTOWTM markers and to other illustrations. The frivolous element has persisted. Before becoming an artist, Ona worked as a short and long haul flight attendant holding positions as purser, stewardess and ma.tre de cabine, all of which ingrained in her a huge respect for the concept of time and progress. She decided to leave the airline because of her increasing passion to produce art and the heavy workload involved in her art projects. The artist works in her own studio in Zurich and continues various professional activities in the field of design. Ona has worked with prestigious names such as Disney, Coop, Havas, Absolut Vodka, Ikea and Rüegg & N.geli. She has executed many other projects for Zurich based firms. She also creates graphic and textile designs. She is developing her own shirts, cloth bags and shoes, but her painting always comes first. Ona, who is self-trained in art history and theory, modestly declares that she just loves to create. She started drawing for no reason and without any specific goal.

She says: “As a child, I would get bored of playing football in the street, and soon I even got headaches from many TV shows. So, I decided to take a pen and paper and just simply start drawing”. Ona, who paints every day, admits “Drawing and painting is my life. If I could not pursue art as I do now, I would not be the person I am.” Her style is considered colourful and imaginative. Her subjects are humanlike beings who, despite their comiclike style, have a certain difficult-to-explain melancholy or sadness. The viewer often senses some sort of social taboo. Nudity, sexuality and notoriety pop up. “My art is sharp, loud, fresh and naughty”, says Ona. Her childhood comics and drawings have developed in recent years to include more figures, surrounded by a black line. Some call her characters 'monsters'. Instead, Ona calls them 'special characters'. For Ona, they have nothing to do with gender.

The 'Boobies' for example, one series of her endearing characters, were originally created for an exhibition in Zurich but she liked them so much she just carried on. The figures in her drawings, P.O.L. Boom prints and paintings are noisy, fresh, crazy, cheeky and bold and are often characterised by cryptic humour. Their relatively concise style is somewhere between graffiti, comics and character design. The art is timeless. “My work is spontaneous... Often, I meet my characters in the dream world, i.e. in the phase of falling asleep. So, they come mainly from my subconscious. Every picture, every figure is a self-portrait.”

Ona strives to show how art and ideas can arise spontaneously. She wants to make her work as perfect as possible. She aims for an image or drawing that is similar to a simple print. Even upon close inspection, no one would notice that the whole thing is painted or drawn. Ona is planning many more exhibitions, commissioned orders and special projects, and then a first step towards going abroad. Switzerland has applauded her vivid imagination, but it remains a conservative market. She has her eyes set on the US (Los Angeles, Miami and NY), where she senses an openness that can inspire her further. Ona promises that she will take brush, canvas, street wall, room wall and her colours, and keep on working!

Project Luxury & Art grabbed Ona on the go, for a couple of key questions:


I do not follow any trend or pay attention to what's hot or in demand. I pay attention to my own evolution and stay true to myself just as my style always remains authentic. I paint that which makes sense for me at the moment. I feel free. I paint spontaneously what in that instant I feel is right and appropriate.


I'm currently working on a new series called “The sitting graces”, female-like figures sitting on chairs. The pictures are dedicated to various people who are important to me. I always develop myself further. New characters. New colours. But what always remains constant is my handwriting and my line. In short, that which makes me recognisable... that black line.



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