Marina Sculpture, Monaco, Paris, New York

International artist Marina captures hearts worldwide with her graceful, sensual and expressive sculptures.

Leaving her homeland in Georgia in the Caucasus in 1990 to settle in Europe, the artist Marina has charmed many from Frankfurt and Paris to the French Riviera, with her unique, life-size polyester resin and bronze sculptures. The bohemian artist, already a famous poet in her native country, worked for television, theatre and animation, before finding new expression in the plastic arts, where she plays boundlessly with all the talents and impulses from her past.

Marina has created artwork in oil, crayon and ink, and has made paper mach. and clay sculptures, but has found her paradise in her resin and bronze wonders; women singing, dancing and playing instruments. Passionate about music, Marina wanted to give life to her feminine beauties, forms touched by musical grace and her very special creativity. These figures come from all the cultures that have influenced Marina’s own life: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Georgian.

Her sculptures depict buxom women with bright colours, and are full of joy, humour and kindness. They are gentle yet provocative, communicative yet private. “Marina takes us into a magical world, away from time to dreams and melodies that enchant our thoughts”, declares a fan. Marina’s sculptures blend contemporary and classic. They show real bodies celebrating the themes of music and dance. The lack of instruments contradicts the symphony of emotions that are played out by these figures, making them universal and timeless. Themes include violinists, pin-ups, dancers, bass players, and clarinettists.

A perfectionist, Marina sculpts each sculpture in three-dimensional form herself in one day, and then works with the best craftsmen in France and Italy to execute the piece. The artist uses bronze to exercise her classical training and to share her knowledge of the human form. The polyester resin, on the other hand, allows her to celebrate her love for colours and her joyfulness. The figures, which can be ordered in a multitude of sizes, are available in smooth bronze or fiberglass, as well as all kinds of other materials, and are covered in automotive enamel. They are perfect for both indoors and outdoors.


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