Tim Hall, Captivating Landscapes

British Fine Art photographer Tim Hall’s landscapes make you see the world with new eyes. Capturing nature in its true glory, from high mountain peaks to soothing landscapes and seascapes, Hall’s photographs will make you dream, or travel.

Blue London

Hall specialises in landscape, travel and portraiture. His aim to see the world through the lens of a camera was inspired by the romance of 19th century travellers and, more recently, National Geographic photographers. His works are a lyrical response to the places and people that he has visited and show his deep interest in the natural and urban world as well as those who inhabit them. The influence of painting in Hall’s work stems from his studies of Art History at England’s Manchester University. The intention to strike an emotional or spiritual chord is evident in much of his landscape work, itself inspired by Rothko and Turner.

Tim Hall

With over twenty-five years of experience as a projectbased photographer, his pictures are often conceived as a series, exhibited as a collective body or bought as single pieces.

Cow Mountain

Hall lives in London and is represented by contemporary art galleries across Europe, South East Asia and the USA. In addition to special projects and commissions, Hall regularly takes photographs for prestigious corporate clients such as Martini, the luxurious Regent, Strand and Aurelio hotels, Porto Montenegro, Lech Tourism and Frauenschuh, to name but a few. Many of Hall’s pieces are hanging in top locations such as Barclays Bank, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and Standard Chartered Bank. Additionally, he has produced and participated in close to a dozen book projects and is preparing for the launch of his upcoming book with TeNeues, entitled “Beyond the Clouds”, a 208 page hardcover book with 120 black and white and colour photos due out in October. During the 1990’s, Tim lived in Southeast Asia for seven years and worked on publications and exhibitions focusing on Vietnam, Cambodia, Mandalay, Hanoi and Hong Kong, and the indigenous people from those regions. In January 2012, Tim travelled to Jodhpur to document the wonders of the Blue City. Tim’s landscape photography began in Morocco in 2004 with his “Dune and Oasis” series. By 2006, the focus was directed towards the British landscape with the “Coast and Storm” series. These large-scale prints present the natural world in an abstract manner, blurring the line between photography and painting. From Asia and Africa, Hall began shooting Europe’s stunning Alpine wonders as well as intriguing cityscapes from around the world. Tim’s work is collected worldwide by institutions and private individuals such as Willy Bogner. His works are available as limited edition prints, each signed, numbered and dated.

Beach 1



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