Maximilian Wiedemann, Turning the World Upside Down

Maximilian Wiedemann


Wiedemann’s captivating art captures today’s zeitgeist, addressing topics that often others dare not undertake. Through his canvases and other works, Wiedemann observes and highlights human identity and society. His wit, humour and sarcasm show through everything he creates. Wiedemann fires strong messages about love, money, power, status symbols, fashion, celebrities and other age old questions throughout his masterpieces.

The artist possesses the enormous gift of being able to transform simple concepts into stimulus for multiple senses. Wiedemann creates paintings, silkscreens, neon lights, installations and sculptures and is currently also playing with photography and film. He has gone beyond tradtional and the predictable into a realm of his own. Born in Frankfurt in 1977 to an English mother and a German father, Wiedemann grew up in a home with divergent personalities and cultures, which have shaped his youth greatly. Wiedemann's talent and passion was evident early on. As a 17-year-old graffiti artist, Wiedemann displayed his enthusiasm and energy through spray paint.

He has since worked with all sorts of materials, on various artistic and musical avant-garde projects, and is also a graphic designer and advertising concept man. Maximilian’s inspiration comes from daily life, his family, friends and the locations he visits. He is mainly based in London, Frankfurt and Miami.


Maximilan’s main muse and focus in his works and collection are all those themes we juggle with today. It’s easy to perceive his advertising background in the sharp, concise communication his works shout out. Sentences such as “the only pain is champagne” reflect his mastery of words. “I love combining words in art, that’s how the Vogue magazine works came along,” shares Wiedemann. “I like art that is thoughtful and intelligent, and refers to today’s habitat in society.” True 'wordsmith' Maximilian shares, “My art revolves between the ambivalence of today’s materialism and status-oriented society, versus the values of real love and integrity... I believe art should provoke thoughts about the current times we live in.”

Maximilian Wiedemann moves as much in international hotspots and celebrity circles, as his artwork does. Designer Karl Lagerfeld introduced the artist to the editor of French Vogue, Karin Roitfeld, who quickly snatched up a work. Tamara Mellon, founder of Jimmy Choo, HSH Prince Albert II, the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi and Petra Ecclestone are a few names among his many fans and collectors. Wiedemann’s work includes an international campaign for the VH1 Divas concert in New York. He painted Miley Cyrus, Adele, Kelly Clarkson to name a few. His thought-provoking phrases have also caught the attention of corporate clients such as BMW, Topshop and Coca-Cola. In Europe and America, Maximilian Weidemann has curated collective exhibitions, but also individual exhibitions since 1999. His works are part of prominent private collections around the world and his pieces are shown in galleries around the world.



Wiedemann is an equally keen observer of a changing morality in politics and banking. This theme he takes up in his series “Greedy as a pig”, with works such as “American Excess” or “Love sucks. Cash rules”. Maximilian Wiedemann has just completed a series of sculptures and installations, with the spectacular installation “Expensive Shit” and typographical large sculpture “CASH”. Maximilan is very active in charity work, raising funds with HSH Prince Albert II for the victims of the Earthquake in Nepal whereby his Grace Kelly portrait raised a whopping 36,000 euros, receiving a commission for a diamond dust Dove painting for the United Nations in Den Haag, Netherlands as well as being one of the artists to be featured at the Cinema for Peace Gala this coming February in Berlin. Wiedemann will have a new exciting clothing collaboration launching in early 2017.

The artist is managed by Katherine D. Schade, partner of ACC Art Management, based in New York and Munich. For further artist collaborations, commissions and projects, please email:


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