Bell 525 Relentless, Rethinking the Imaginable

Far beyond anything that exists today, the Bell 525 Relentless is a game-changer in the world of luxury helicopter transport. The equivalent of travelling in a five-star luxury resort, it embodies an entirely new level of innovation and design.

The fastest and most spacious commercial helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopter, sleek modern exteriors meet meticulously crafted interiors, resulting in an unforgettable in-flight experience. Fly-by-wire technology provides highly advanced safety and operating capabilities, while unparalleled range and unprecedented speed offer Bell 525 operators the highest standard in efficiency and functionality.

Featuring the first fully-integrated touch screen avionics suite, the Garmin G5000HTM, the new Bell 525 is designed to operate safely and reliably with decreased pilot workload in austere environments, enhancing situational awareness and improving pilot integration. Best-in-class payload, cabin, cargo volumes, and passenger comfort complement the technological advancements of the aircraft. The Bell 525 defines the super-medium class by combining best-in-class performance characteristics with the maximised situational awareness of the ARC Horizon flight deck.

The VVIP “MAGnificent” interiors for the Bell 525 are configured at the Mecaer production studio in Monteprandone, where configuration options allow customers to choose a layout best suited to their needs. With oversize windows, large individual swivelling seats and options such as a wrap-around divan, the design capabilities bring rotorcraft interiors to a level previously associated only with high-end business jets. The Mecaer MAG specialty custom interior incorporates two proprietary products, a passive noise abatement system called SILENS, and an In-Flight Entertainment Enhanced Lounge (I-FEEL), which provides a fully customised interactive touch screen based entertainment, communication and flight information management system.

As the world’s first and only fly-by-wire helicopter, the Bell 525 brings commercial airline levels of safety to the helicopter industry. The fly-by-wire system can actually determine an intelligent and informed aircraft response in a number of situations. It can automatically adjust commands to maximise flying precision and performance, resulting in a controlled, predictable response. Pilots can easily maintain flight conditions and make smooth transitions between conditions without being distracted by other key aspects of the cockpit. For example, if an engine loses power or an autorotation is needed, the aircraft can sense the situation and adjust instantaneously while the pilot begins to take appropriate action.

Unprecedented technology aside, only Bell Helicopter offers customers the top-rated support and service that operators demand. The most comprehensive service network in the helicopter industry, support options include more than 100 global service centres, world-class and expanded training facilities, by-the-hour service plans, aircraft customisation, repair and overhaul services and more.

The Bell 525 takes luxury helicopter transport to a new level.


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