Exceptional Autumn Fashion Highlights

Steal the show with this seasons hottest topic, the re-worked jeans. Style it with items designed with interior motives, let this year sought after brand Miu Miu show you how it’s done.

The satin wear is styled with everything, and goes well to all occasions, when styled with lustrous velvet your outfit will be on point.

1. Sunglasses, €295, Loewe

2. Jeans, €865, Vetements

3. Top, €893, Givenchy

4. Earrings, €1,219, Gucci

5. Boots, €700, Balenciaga

6. Bag, €2,565, Miu Miu

7. Jacket, €3,499, Miu Miu

8. Necklace, €360, Balenciaga


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