3D Body Scanner Reads Mass, Fat, Measurements at Home

If you work out to strengthen and tone your muscles, keep physically active, or slim down before bikini season, chances are you have a love/hate relationship with your scale. Hitting weight loss plateaus, trying to figure out if weight gain is muscle or fat, or even accurately calculating your body fat percentage can be a little frustrating with a traditional machine. Some of the most high-tech offering can decipher these numbers for you and help you track your fitness journey, but we haven’t seen anything quite compare to the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker. This new, in-home device looks like a traditional full length mirror and scale, but in actuality, it’s a comprehensive, 3D body scanner.

Instead of trying to calculate, measure, and guesstimate how your body is improving and progressing from day to day, you can use Naked to accurately track body metrics, measurements, body fat percentage, muscle growth and weight. The mirror captures a 3D model of your body down to one-sixteenth of an inch, while the scale portion rotates you 360 degree and calculates your total weight. Within a minute the devices communicate with each other, calculate your progress, and send the results to your smartphone along with a 3D rending of your body. On the app you can see where you’re gaining muscle mass, losing fat, slimming down or bulking up. You can also create a customized time-lapse of your body to easily visualize your progress.

Developed by teams in California and Austria, Naked is intended to be a health device that can seamlessly integrate itself into your home and lifestyle. The turntable scale charges wirelessly when pushed up against the mirrors base and can last an average of two months on a single charge. The intelligent mirror has a laser pointer to dictate exactly where the scale should be placed for the clearest scan, and can also differentiate between users, so the whole family can track their journey.

Naked is currently available for preorder online at the sale price of $699 instead of the normal rate of $999. Shipping is expected March 2017.

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