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Kelly Hoppen is an iconic designer and style influencer who recently celebrated an impressive 40 years in the interior design industry. She is the proud recipient of a Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) and is globally renowned for her work as an interior designer, entrepreneur, author and mentor.

From her roots as a young entrepreneur, Hoppen has forged an empire utilising her talents as both a designer and business woman. While her passion for design burns strong, she also is dedicated to fostering and encouraging entrepreneurship in others. Hoppen has been described as a ‘beacon of success wrapped with a creative finish’ so it is easy to understand why she is so highly sought. Yet, it is still her design talents that her wealthy and elite clientele desire the most.


Hoppen’s iconic signature style blends warmth, neutral tones, simplicity and clean lines to create a feeling of calm and sumptuous opulence. Her inspiration originally came from a Chinese trunk she bought from Portobello Market. Although Hoppen’s style keeps evolving, the subtly coordinated East- West fusion continues to underpin and inspire her work. To ensure her designs possess a timeless elegance, Hoppen often uses a versatile taupe colour palette. As taupe has a wellbalanced tone, it can be blended and layered with either contrasting or complementary colours. She has identified dozens of different shades within this palette and often uses the subtle variations to portray a sense of depth and richness. In addition to her signature shades, texture also plays a significant role in Hoppen’s work. She frequently uses textural contrast to breathe life into her creations as well as to create a sense of mood and balance strong lines or rich colour. Hoppen’s blend of refined luxury has become her trademark and is a reflection of her innate ability to visualise and carefully curate materials, colour and texture in her projects. With such considerable talent, it is easy to see why her services are in high demand across the world.


Hoppen is strikingly confident and has considerable finesse for interior design despite having received no formal training. She has worked in the industry since receiving her first commission at just 16 years old. From modest beginnings, her career in interior design has flourished. With an impressive client list featuring celebrities, sports personalities and the extremely wealthy, she is one of the most renowned interior designers of her generation. Hoppen has an astonishing portfolio of both private and commercial projects. It features commissions from all over the world. Her design accomplishments range from homes, jets and yachts to hotels, offi ces, tower blocks and commercial aircraft. One of her more substantial projects includes the boutique hotel Murmuri in Barcelona. The bespoke interior features her trademark colour palette and a stunning array of fabrics and textures. It is described as a celebration of classicism, yet it retains an intimate and contemporary feel. Hoppen also proudly designed the interior for the British Airways first-class cabins, reviving their dated appearance with a renewed modern style. Some of Hoppen’s other notable projects include her collaboration with Michela Fabbri to decorate the Royal Mougins Golf Club Clubhouse and the elegant, modern interior she created for Gary Rhodes’ London restaurant, Rhodes W1.


To celebrate 40 years in the interior design industry, Hoppen recently launched a new luxury furniture collection. The exclusive Retrospective range, created collaboratively with Resource Décor, contains 100 unique pieces. Hoppen’s life, home and travels inspired the collection. It took a year to create and features her famous East-West design philosophy and neutral colour palette. Hoppen admits to letting her imagination run free while designing the pieces. This freedom is evident in the mixture of modern and vintage designs, which see her signature colours paired with soft pink, cool khaki and rust orange. As in much of her work, texture is a fundamental component to the aesthetic. In this collection, it creates an undeniably sensual, yet tasteful impression. Her creations are highly distinctive and use a mixture of plush fabrics including leather, linens and velvets while the diff erent metal finishes, wood, smoked glass and coloured lacquers provide a sleek, highfashion element to the pieces. The collection features a Sting Storage Cabinet and a Vinci chair. These particularly striking items neatly reflect the opulence and luxury which has become a staple of the Kelly Hoppen brand.


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