Ehang 184 AAV Drone

Are you sick of getting stuck in traffic at ground level? The Ehang 184 AAV drone has been created to solve just that problem. Whenever you need to be somewhere, you can just hop into your drone aircraft and be on your way, no previous flying experience required.

Recently introduced to the world stage at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, this radical new drone design has room for one passenger, has eight motors and four propellers and stands at a generous-yet-compact height of 1.84 metres. The drone is marketed as the ‘safest, smartest and eco-friendly low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle’. It aims to provide a simple transportation solution for those making journeys of up to 23 minutes, flying along at a maximum altitude of 3.5 km and a speed of 100 kph (or 62 mph). Taking off and landing vertically, the Ehang 184 AAV travels in an upward arc as though the vehicle is leaping across the landscape. Most importantly for a vehicle of this type, the Ehang’s design places the utmost importance on the passenger’s safety. Designed with full redundancy, if one part of the vehicle’s power system begins to malfunction, the drone will continue to operate, following a normal flight plan and ensuring a safe landing.

What’s more, it’s designed to be 100% green, powered by electricity rather than any form of fossil fuel. Further keeping safety in mind, the drone has been designed so that it’s even impervious to human error. Passengers simply enter their intended destination using a built-in touchscreen device, and the drone will do the rest, plotting the safest and fastest route for the journey. To control this vehicle, the passenger won’t need any skills beyond the basic ability to use a GPS device. Even landings are controlled by a built-in landing camera, so it’s pretty much impossible to mess this one up. It looks a lot like our dreams of owning our very own flying car will be answered very soon with the development of this personal flying vehicle. It’s great to see that companies are working on these projects with the safety of both the passenger and the planet in mind.


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