The Yacht of Dreams

Sometimes things just have to be on a large scale. The Shaddai yacht is on such a scale and has features and dimensions that perfectly match its name, which means ‘omnipotent’.

With such a lofty name comes a design that takes the owner to even loftier heights. The Shaddai has a truly impressive feel and outlook, and it is fair to say that it belongs in the highest ranks of yacht-building technology. For the person who has everything, this may be the very last thing they need to get. Talking key features, there is a wonderful and inspirational infinity pool on the aft deck. Passengers can enjoy an uninterrupted and breath-taking view wherever they are. The cabin itself extends this feeling of splendour with views as far as the eye can see. It is a truly sumptuous setup, and one that defines luxury and privilege.

A boutique, designer feel

Made from the finest materials available and with a boutique, designer feel, the yacht has a number of other aspects that bring a sense of wonder. Chief among these are the dimensions themselves, which are impressive in their own right.

The yacht is a generous 150 metres long. That‘s an incredibly luxurious length and shows that the designer had an eye for the very top end of yacht construction. Spacious and reassuringly roomy inside, it is a palace on the sea. On top of that are 105 square metres of private terrace space.

This enables the owner and passengers to enjoy a quiet and uninterrupted space. But all of that space also means there is plenty of room for entertaining, too. So not only can the owners and guests live in the lap of luxury, they also have enough space to hold a party or reception with no issues.

The true home of charm

The Beach Club is the true home of the yacht and its charm, with 300 square metres of space to hold parties or just relax. This enables the owner of the yacht to decorate and design the interior exactly as he or she wants and to bring a sense of his or her own style to the construction.

The Shaddai is a luxury yacht with enough space for anyone. Crafted from magnificent materials and finished to the best specifications possible, it is a dream yacht, and one that is perfect for anyone who wants the very best in life.


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