Apps for Summer

Every year, summertime invites us to enjoy our lives to the fullest under sunny skies and gentle breezes. And the warmest time of the year can be even hotter with our app suggestions. We have put together ten different apps that are perfectly suitable for summer and offer practical solutions for many cases, journeys and adventures.

WOLFRAM SUN EXPOSURE REFERENCE APP ($.99, IOS) Created to save you from sunburn, the Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App enables you to make the most of the warm weather without having to worry about being baked by the sun. Using information about your complexion, location, the SPF you’re using and the time of day, the app can work out how long you can stay outside without risking sunburn. Also available are bonus features such as sunrise and sunset times, the current position of the sun and the weather forecast.

SKY GUIDE ($1.99, IOS) Every evening is star-studded with educational app Sky Guide, winner of the 2014 Apple Design Award. This stunning app is designed to teach users how to spot satellites, planets and constellations by simply pointing a smartphone at the night sky. Suitable for amateurs and aspiring astronomers alike, the app enables you to see the stars even on an overcast night with no data signal.

PACKPOINT (FREE, ANDROID AND IOS) Say goodbye to the days of pondering over whether or not you need to pack sunscreen or a raincoat. PackPoint is a new app which will figure out for you exactly what you need to pack based on the length of your trip, the expected weather and any activities you have planned. Just enter the details of your trip, and PackPoint will do the rest.

RUNKEEPER (FREE, ANDROID AND IOS) Finding it hard to get motivated? RunKeeper lets you join a community of more than 45 million runners who will encourage you to go outside and get hooked on running for life. The app will keep you on track with goals and running plans which will show you exactly what to do, allowing you to start your new fitness regime on the right foot.


If you’re in need of a little light pampering but don’t have the option of leaving your house, Priv is the app for you. Available in New York, Los Angeles, Austin and London, Priv lets you order a masseuse, yoga instructor, manicurist, makeup artist, hairstylist or personal trainer who will come straight to your door to deliver their services. GRILLTIME ($1.99, IOS) The perfect grilling companion, GrillTime is here to make your barbecues less stressful and more fun. The app boasts a grilling guide, multi-timer and flip reminders to ensure that your family barbecue goes off without a hitch – no cremated sausages or questionably pink burgers in sight. Simply enter the type and thickness of the meat, along with how ‘well-done’ you want it to be, and GrillTime will work out exactly how long you need to grill it. No fuss, just perfect burgers every time.


Get some water therapy without having to splash out with GetMyBoat, essentially the boat equivalent of Airbnb. GetMyBoat gives you access to more than 57,000 boats worldwide, now spread across 154 countries. Check out the list of available vessels in the app and spend the day on the water in one of a wide range of boats from fishing boats to sailboats and yachts to kayaks. BEAUTIFIED (FREE, IOS) If you’re on the hunt for some last-minute beauty treatments, you might want to check out the Beautified app co-founded by trend-savvy DJ Hannah Bronfman. Already featured by fashion favourites Vogue, Allure and Vanity Fair, the app lets you book same-day massages, pedicures, blowouts, waxes, makeup, facials, haircuts and manicures in quality salons with just a few taps on your screen.


BringFido is the perfect app for those of us with furry travel companions. It boasts a grand database of pet-friendly hotels, outdoor restaurants, local vets, nearby pet stores and beaches and parks that welcome animals. Search for suitable hotels sorted by distance, rating, price and popularity. The app even stores information on which hotels welcome large dogs and which prefer small animals, along with any additional fees you might be charged for an extra set of paws.


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