Stands for Saint-Tropez styile in swim and ready-to-wear.

On every beach, Vilebrequin’s sea turtle insignia has come to signify the spirit of Saint- Tropez. Vilebrequin has worked with various materials and designs of exceptional quality to claim its natural place in the world of luxury goods. Vilebrequin swimming shorts have become the must have item for the beach and the inevitable signifier of the man on holiday.

The bright and sunny days of a St.-Tropez summer are alive with activity just as it was in 1971 when a passionate fan of motor racing, Fred Prysquel, took a seat at the Caf. S.n.quier’s terrace to watch the world go by. Drawing inspiration from the painters on the quayside, the strolling vactioners and the buzz around Brigitte Bardot, he sketched out a design for swim shorts on the corner of his tablecloth. Combining the inspiration of the legendary Saint-Tropez lifestyle with his talent, Vilebrequin swim shorts came to life. Their colour, design and sheer originality made them an instant success. A new style was launched, a brand was born.

In homage to his passion for motor cars and inspired by the spiral metal staircase in his first Saint- Tropez shop, he named the brand Vilebrequin, the French word for crankshaft. Surrounded by the world of sailing, the one activity that reigns supreme in the waters of Saint-Tropez, Prysquel decided to make his swim shorts out of spinnaker sailcloth. Designed for use as boat sails and high flying kites, this textile has unique, quick drying qualities in the sun and wind.

Vilebrequin recognised its customers’ youthful energy and dedication to family values and experiences, leading to the 1995 launch of the Father and Son concept, expanding the range from mens to boys starting at 6 months old. The father-son bond brought a new dimension to Vilebrequin as it took on family values. Much more than a passing fad, the enthusiasm for this range is high and has become a tradition for Vliebrequin clients globally.

Collections incude the Moorea, the Vilebrequin classic now reimagined, as well as the Merise which is a more fitted shape and different opitons of length. In swimwear, the brand offers a large range of styles, patterns and colors for all generations (beginning at 2 years of age and sizing up to 5XL). And since 2013, the company added Mother and Daughter collections. Today, Vilebrequin offers accessories including caps, hats, towels, boxers, scarves, pareos, shoes and much more, beyond its swimwear and ready-to-wear. In the same year, the brand released a men's collector swimsuit embroidered in gold thread with solely 20 models available and in 2014, the model was replicated and sapphire elements were added. Vilebrequin was a hit from the start. The cool and the chic, the relaxed sojourner and the fashionista all wore their Vilebrequin shorts on the beaches of Saint-Tropez. Everyone was seduced by these practical, comfortable shorts; their elegance and bright colours held an irresistable appeal. During this incredible adventure, the brand has found a way to keep its soul and hold true to its values of elegance and freedom. Today, the Vilebrequin spirit has crossed borders from Miami to Rio, from Dubai to Saint Barthelmy, from Porto Cervo to Shanghai. As of 2014, Vilebrequin is present across 5 continents and in 52 countries with more than 150 stores. The brand has e-shops in Europe and the United States.

The Vilebrequin spirit shares its values with men of style, who are both demanding and original, who dare to combine relaxed with wit, originality and quality.


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