Skincare Tips For Men

Women figured it out ages ago – the importance of skincare. So come on men, now it’s your turn. And here’s how.

Women seem to have a neverending plethora of knowledge at their fingertips when it comes to skincare. They smother themselves in all sorts of lotions, creams and oils, certain that their efforts will be rewarded with clear, soft skin.

The truth is that skincare doesn’t have to be terribly time consuming, nor does it need to involve a cabinet full of products. It also can have long-lasting benefits that even the manliest of men can appreciate. Getting into the habit of cleansing and moisturising every day can help you fight off signs of ageing longer; prevent skin from becoming itchy, red and sensitive; and stop annoying breakouts from occurring.

Cleansing every day is a nonnegotiable task; however, even this simple, basic element of skin maintenance can be improved. Rather than simply splashing hot water on your face, turn the temperature down so that it is lukewarm and therefore won’t strip so many of the skin’s natural oils. Then choose a cleansing product that contains glycolic acid and massage it into your face for about a minute. The rubbing action will revitalise your complexion so that it appears brighter instantly. If your skin is looking dull due to tiredness, one trick you can use is to dunk your face into a bowl of ice-cold water and leave it there for as long as you can bear. It might be a temporary fix, but it works and doesn’t require any of those girly creams.

Adding a toner to your regimen might seem like an unnecessary step, but it helps to balance the pH of the skin. Choose an alcohol-free option that contains alpha-hydroxy acids and be sure to follow it up instantly with a moisturiser suitable for your skin type. If you are prone to blemishes and redness, look for an oil-free formula; otherwise, an oil-based option is fine. Apply to slightly damp skin to lock in the most moisture.

Finally, get exercising. If you want to look more masculine, there is nothing better than building some muscle. Exercise also has been proven to help ward off wrinkles and possibly even reverse the effects of ageing. And be sure to drink plenty of water, hydrating your skin from the inside out. A few simple steps every day will ensure your skin stays looking fresh, youthful and healthy longer. Look after your complexion, and it will look after you, too!


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