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Since 1998, Swiss jewellery and watch brand Chopard has been an official partner of the Cannes International Film Festival and year after year, Chopard makes its contribution to this cultural event by crafting the Palme d’Or. It also supports the film industry with the Trophée Chopard awarded to talented young actors.

The Palme d’Or is the enduring symbol of the Cannes International Film Festival. The veritable grail for every film producer on the planet, the Palme d‘Or is awarded each year to the best film in the official selection. Since 1998, the prestigious trophy has been handcrafted in Chopard’s Geneva workshops, and beginning in 2014, the Palme d‘Or owes its exceptional brilliance to the fact that it is now crafted in certified “Fairmined” gold.

This innovation is in line with an initiative introduced by Chopard in 2013 for the 66th Cannes Film Festival, aimed at promoting sustainable development in the luxury sector. The first phase in this initiative was the creation of the Green Carpet Collection in partnership with Livia Firth, Artistic Director and Founder of the Eco-Age nonprofit association, and the NGO Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), a development charity that helps some of the poorest mining communities in Latin America achieve Fairmined certification.

The jewellery world is changing and now offers a much fairer deal for all involved, starting with the goldmine workers. Chopard’s Green Carpet initiative supports ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials. Working on a small scale and going straight to the source is what Chopard did when the company began making precious jewels using Fairmined gold from Colombia. The money Chopard injects into the gold mining economy has helped to improve miners’ communities resulting in better and more sustainable living and improved conditions of small-scale mining operations. The diamonds are all sourced from the IGC Group, one of the world’s oldest diamond firms, and are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) to ensure ethical, social, and ecological standards.

Chopard is a century-old, familyrun business, that embraces its responsibility in creating sustainable luxury. More pieces are created each year, grabbing the limelight on the red carpet at Cannes and at the Oscars. These pieces are the start of something truly beautiful. We would be proud to wear them ourselves.


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