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Just as you finally have come to grips with contouring, the beauty world has come up with a new makeup trend. Put down your blending brushes and get ready to embrace the world of strobing.

An elaborate version of highlighting, strobing leaves the face looking dewy and fresh rather than sculpted. The antithesis of contouring, it is a far less high-maintenance look that requires only one product and a little bit of placement knowledge. It is a much more realistic option for busy, modern-day women.

The art of strobing also is easier to master than contouring. The idea is to use a highlighter, illuminator or shimmer to emphasize the areas of the face where the sun naturally hits. Areas to concentrate on tend to be the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, just below the brow bone and the corners of the eyes. The highlighting product helps open up the face, making it look healthier, brighter and more radiant.

Although it sounds simple, there still are some things to be aware of. Strobing is all about looking fresh-faced and natural, so piling up layer upon layer of matte foundation defeats the purpose. Instead, before applying the highlighter, opt for a primer or tinted moisturiser to provide coverage for any imperfections without completely hiding your natural colour.

Those with oily skins should be aware of getting overenthusiastic with strobing, as the technique will emphasize a shiny surface. Although many makeup artists like to highlight their forehead, for example, this will make oily skins look sweaty, which obviously is something to avoid. Take your skin type into consideration unless you want to appear as though you have been sitting in a sauna for a few hours. Something else to consider is the colour of your light-reflecting product.

Not all highlighters suit all skin tones. Generally, paler skins should choose a cool, pearl tone to provide a pretty sheen, while darker skins should pick warmer, golden shimmers.

The technique certainly is similar to contouring but with far fewer steps. And the end result is a dewy, glowing finish rather than matte, structured definition. Those who already have spent hours perfecting their contouring technique should have no problem getting to grips with strobing, while those who were intimidated by the idea of painting different coloured stripes across their face will find this newer method much less daunting.


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