Loro Piana, Cashmere And Elegance Hit The Road

At the sixth edition of the Beijing–Paris intercontinental classic car rally, Loro Piana selects the Schön–Tonetti duo to retrace the fascinating journey of cashmere on board an Alfa Romeo Giulia Super for 37 days with a bale of the finest fibre.

Multiple prize winning Italian rally champions, Giorgio Schön and Pierre Tonetti are putting all their driving experience to the test at the sixth edition of the Beijing–Paris rally which began on June 12 and will finish on July 17, 2016. In this compelling historic car challenge, the Loro Piana cashmere route is being retraced. On board a 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super – living proof of the excellence of the Made in Italy label – they have an unusual travelling companion: a small saddle bag containing tufts of the 2015 best harvest that will be awarded with ‘The Loro Piana Cashmere of the Year 2016’ prize.

Covering over 14,000 km – mostly across dirt tracks – the Loro Piana team have to complete this riveting, action packed course in 37 days. They are venturing beyond the Great Wall of China through the Gobi Desert and the silvery wilderness of Mongolia, then cross the Siberian steppes, leaving the Ural Mountains behind them. The route continues through European Russia, passing north of Moscow, Belarus, then Europe via Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and finally, France.

The itinerary is exhausting and arduous, but has strong symbolic significance for Loro Piana. It traces the same journey taken by the prestigious raw material (cashmere) from its places of origin, in China and Mongolia, across several continents before arriving in Europe, where it is transformed into yarns, fabrics and an array of finished products of indisputable excellence, beauty and luxury. Kilometre after kilometre, the adventure along this route becomes experience, culture and finally history.

Elegance, tradition, uncompromising quality and craftsmanship define the shared values of the timeless reality of historic cars and Loro Piana’s exclusivity. It was this passion for classic wheels that led to the creation of the LP Classic Car stable (18 teams to date) and a highly functional wardrobe of impeccable quality, specifically designed for the race.

Giorgio Schön and Pierre Tonetti

Garments sported by the Loro Piana team of Giorgio Schön and Pierre Tonetti during the Beijing–Paris rally include eye-catchers such as the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance windbreaker and the iconic Roadster Villa D’Este jacket, both designed to combine lightness and the isothermal properties of the finest cashmere to ensure resistance and impermeability of the Storm System. Alongside these two items, the Roadster Pull cashmere sweater and accessories such as the Roadster Belt, the Roadster Scarf and Roadster Walk moccasins.

Loro Piana operates in the high-end luxury goods sector and has made uncompromising quality its mission, offering the most discerning clients clothing, accessories and gifts which have been made in Italy from the finest raw materials in the world, through an international network of direct sales points, the loropiana.com website and a selection of exclusive multi-brand retailers. Six generations of experience in the high-end textile industry, where they continue to be market leaders, together with their vertical integration are the best guarantees of access to research, the most select raw materials and control over processes that combine the most modern technology with Italian craft and sartorial tradition.


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