D&G in Love With Naples

Dolce&Gabbana decided to do the photo shooting of their autumn-winter campaign in the heart of Naples, the picturesque southern Italian city. The designers were greeted with joy by a crowd of enthusiastic citizens, who were proud to participate in creating a unique atmosphere. Naples retains a strong identity and cultural tradition. The models paraded in front of a characteristic background of ancient churches, old buildings and arcs of drying laundry hung between windows. Present was the Neapolitan actress Sophia Loren, muse of this new suggestive collection. The themes range from traditional such as religion and food, to football and film icons.

Franco Pagetti was chosen to shoot the campaign. Pagetti is a war photographer who has covered conflicts across the globe including Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Libya. D&G continue to prefer reporters instead of fashion photographers, confirming the style opened for them by the Sicilian photographer Ferdinando Scianna, in the eighties. They write on their website: "The credo of Dolce & Gabbana is la famiglia. And after two terrific days shooting on the streets of Spacca Napoli we have discovered hundreds of new family members: the people of this beautiful neighbourhood welcomed us with open arms giving to us beautiful memories. Grazie Napoli! We will be back."


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