Cara Delevingne Poses Nude For Wildlife Conservation

Since trading in the runway for a movie set, Cara Delevingne has made few appearances in the modeling world, returning only for brief stints with Saint Laurent. But it seems that something new has pulled the former model out of retirement. Delevingne has been named the first face of the international I’m Not a Trophy campaign, a global initiative to raise awareness about the hunting and poaching of endangered species. "I am extremely passionate about animals and am so honored to be representing an organization and cause that is fighting for the rights of these innocent lives," she said in a statement.

The organization was founded by French fashion photographer Arno Elias, who also shot the campaign portraits of Delevingne. In the black and white photos, she poses nude with colorful imagery of endangered species super-imposed over her skin.

Of course she won’t just be lending her image to the foundation's cause. She’s long fought for animal conservation, and last summer, after the killing of Cecil the Lion, auctioned off her TAG Heuer watch to raise funds for She noted that she will be very “hands-on” in her position of ambassador for the charity.

And she won’t be the only one. I’m Not A Trophy plans on driving the conversation of conservation by “endorsements from personalities and celebrities, key brand partnerships and products exclusive to the organization.” As the foundation is in its early stages, having just released their inaugural campaign, it will be interesting to see who will be next to partner with them in an effort to protect the world’s wildlife.

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