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What Rolls-Royce offers on land, Ganz Boats offers on water; elegance, innovation, comfort and luxury.

It was a natural choice for Rolls-Royce Motors and Ganz Boats to partner up at the beautiful Park Hotel Vitznau, Switzerland for a private event showcasing their latest models, taking guests for drives and rides that could genuinely be described as “unparalleled”.

In the name of research, we of course had to test both.

First up was the new Rolls-Royce Dawn, which is so much more than a mere Drophead. The Dawn is a car smothered in lashings of leather, wood and chrome. This automobile is considered to be the “quietest open-top car ever made”, thanks to its six layers of fabric. And although it may look like a Wraith, 80 % of the body panels are unique with bespoke tires.

The Dawn is exceptionally user-friendly and surprisingly easy to drive.

Introducing Rolls-Royce Dawn. Experience open-top driving like never before.

For safety, there is a concealed roll over protection system, and glare-free LED lighting with electronically controlled reflectors move in the direction of travel. Besides being exceptionally crafted, the Rolls-Royce Dawn is also absolutely stunning to look at with its flawless, hand-polished finish, giving it a marble-smooth sheen. Whether sitting in the driving seat or in the back, the Dawn experience is the same; the highest form of engineering and a pure delight.

When our drive was over, we returned to the hotel. I could now understood what GQ meant when they wrote “if ever there was a car in which it was better to travel than arrive, it’s the Rolls-Royce Dawn”.

From one exquisite testing to another, we then hopped on the Ovation 6.8 by Ganz Boats to experience a boat of remarkable design which mixes innovation with tradition.

We enjoyed the smooth ride while learning about its new touch screen boat management system and admiring its hydraulic swim-platform, which provides a convenient bathing platform simultaneously allowing better maneuvering when raised.

After some more pleasure time, the captain showed us how fast the boat can actually go, and we were left in complete euphoria, marvelling at the boat’s abiliy to offer a combination of pure relaxation and high excitement in a matter of seconds.

Both Rolls-Royce and Ganz go far beyond being the usual automobile and boat manufacturers. They are luxury brands representing the epitome of sophistication and opulence. Owning them means more than driving from A to B, it means enhancing your life and your lifestyle. It means appreciating attention to detail and enjoying undoubtedly one of life’s genuine pleasures.

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