Rolls-Royce Phantom Zenith Collection Marks the End of the Line

After more than a dozen years of service, Rolls-Royce is putting the Phantom line out to pasture. The phase-out starts with the Phantom Coupe and its convertible counterpart known as the Drophead Coupe. But before they glide off serenely into the proverbial sunset, the luxury automaker is bidding farewell with the special edition you see here.

Called the Zenith Collection, the special take on the two-door Phantoms has been upgraded by the company's Bespoke division with a series of unique enhancements. The exterior features a custom paint scheme, and the interior a variety of visual upgrades from laser-etched armrests to machined aluminum cup holders. But our favorite detail is the laser-engraved polished aluminum case embellished with the kind of detail you'd expect of a finely crafted shotgun and containing an actual piece of the assembly line in Goodwood, England, where the Phantom is made. The trunk contains its own trove of treasures as well, including a picnic basket, champagne refrigerator, a glass serving shelf, and a split trunk lid that can serve as a finely crafted bench when parked.

Rolls-Royce will only build 50 such automobiles in the Zenith Collection, all of which were already spoken for by the time it was announced to the public. If you missed your chance, orders are still being taken for the final examples of the Phantom saloon. The manufacturer will, of course, continue building the Ghost sedan, Wraith coupe and Dawn convertible, and you can rest assured that a replacement for the Phantom will follow in due course - though more advanced and even more luxurious than the outgoing model already is.

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